• I'd say I'm more introverted, but not all the time. I'm usually on the shy and quiet side. But I can get a little bold once in a while too. It depends on the situation.
    • Ice man
      A little bold can be a good thing and makes us interesting to others. Thanks : )
    • ladyEmma
      My boldness can depend on how many beers I've had. ;)
    • Ice man
      Oh yes, the marvelous power of beer. LOL : )
  • I would say on the shy side, definitely not extroverted, sometimes can be what most people think of as bold but only in certain situations where I feel it is called for. I am not the kind of person who commands attention unless that attention is focused on me. In a group of people , unless I am presenting, I sort of fade into the background. But am seldom awkward in social situations because I am low-key friendly.
    • Ice man
      Well that just about covers all points of the compass, or maybe not. : )
  • I'm bad to the bone! Dec.18
    • Ice man
      Yeah, me too. : )

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