• Compost them for my garden.
    • Ice man
      Excellent, I have a huge compost pile myself. I don't garden anymore (no time), but I have a young family living close by who I've offered several wheelbarrows full in exchange for some of her tomatoes.
    • officegirl
      Oh very good. I have had a garden in our front yard since we moved here five years ago. Have tried to make it a rain garden to purify water on the way down - mostly native plants - but due to a general lack of rain here especially in the last three years it has unfortunately been kind of scrubby. Plus when I go camping with my husband in August I have no one to water it and care for it and plants die. Guess I'm not such a great gardener. Vegetables I can't plant because of the squirrels and deer and other animals but I do raise a few culinary herbs to use in cooking.
  • I have a special container for it, I put it out for the recycling collectors every week along with the other recycling materials.
    • Ice man
      So it's collected every week, that's a good thing. Thanks for answering.; )
  • Most of it goes down the drain by way of the garbage disposer.
    • Ice man
      I never thought to include Garburators. Thanks for mentioning it. : )
    • ladyEmma
      I have a big compost bin.
  • I have a big compost bin.
    • Ice man
      What kind of bin. Is it a wheelie bin that will get dumped into a truck, or a big box like bin for composting that will be used for gardening?
    • ladyEmma
      The big box kind for gardening.
    • Ice man
      Excellent. : )
  • Feed them to the dog. My dog will each anything. lol.
    • Ice man
      A K9 garburator, very cool. : )
  • I live in an apartment now so any composting would draw insects. If I had a place outside to do it I would.
  • The sanitation dept here in Brooklyn NY, just gave us new pails to put this stuff into, what a pain I have to sort out more garbage than the post office on a busy day,

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