• Well, death ends all diseases, but I don't recommend it in your case. I could say stop being a wus and use the ointment because your mother is right. But in all fairness to this question there are other options you can discuss with your doctor. Then they can tell you stop being a wus and use the ointment. They use the ointment because its much safer to use a localized steroid on the affected area than a systemic treatment that could damage your entire body just for a little psoriasis. And if you think you can't deal with a little psoriasis just wait till you get older and it turns to psoriatic arthritis and your joints hurt so bad you can barely move. Then you'll wish you only had those little itchy spots again without all the pain! If you want to die you need to tell your school counselor. That's a much more serious disease than psoriasis, and can be treated with medications as well. Picking and scratching will make it worse. But if you're going to do it anyway use a nail file or sandpaper to sand the excess skin off. It will do less damage than scratching and picking. Just know if you sand too much off it will still ooze and bleed.

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