• When I'm "naughty" it is with my husband's permission so I guess that counts for something.
    • Ice man
      So that would be a "nicely naughty" for you then. Right !?! lol
    • officegirl
      Thank you. Oh I meant to mention I have become your "follower" on here which I trust is OK with you.
    • Ice man
      I'm perfectly fine with it, the more the merrier and thank you for letting me know. So far it looks like I've got 10 people "following" me (not sure why) and haven't had any mud thrown at me yet, so yeah I'm okay and it's all good.
  • Santa likes it when I'm naughty! ;-)
    • Ice man
      I'm sure he's not the only one ! :-)
    • Linda Joy
  • tell him ive been nice
  • Is eating between meals classed as "naughty"?
    • Ice man
      It depends on who you're eating out.
    • Lilo Avli
      "Samantha", from Synthea Amatus. She never complains or asks me for money.
  • tell him ive been nice

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