• Sounds like faulty keys.
  • Try cleaning it.
  • Maybe you have short pinky fingers and need to reach to fully depress the shift key. Other than that, did you get a crumb of something stuck under it? Are we talking about a removable keyboard or a laptop keyboard? Laptops are worse to key on when you have long nails. Or I need to learn how to adjust, because when a nail gets long sometimes it accidentally hits the key above the one my finger is on. And laptop keys are shallower. But you can get another keyboard at the thrift store for probably 5 bucks. Hmm... I may want to get one next time I'm there to plug up to my laptop. What really frustrates me is when I'm keying and I hit some weird combination of keys and everything I keyed hilights and then disappears! It makes me want to say bad words! haha

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