• In the cupboard.
    • Ice man
      Sounds like a safe place to keep it. ; )
  • Yes~but someone built a wooden box around it for export~We were a bunch of tricksters anything could happen. I drove lift truck for a while and everytime you got off someone would grease the steering wheel. Oh I could really tell some good ones if I had the space! Dec 01
    • Ice man
      Oh .. the old grease on the steering wheel trick can get really messy. I've seen fist fights start over that. : (
    • RareCatch
      I've done plenty of greasing myself! I used to grease truck drivers door handle and open the door that way they would get into it the next place they stopped. One time a driver put 5th wheel grease on my windscreen oh what a time I had getting that off. Every time it rained the smear would come back, pay backs can be hell sometimes Oh well what ever I get I got coming. Dec.02
  • Oh yeah , it's in my frig and it is a yummy crab meat salad .. okay .. now I'm starving ... off to eat ..
    • Ice man
      That reminds me of one time when I was a little kid. Dad and I were doing the grocery shopping and I spotted cans of "Crab Meat" & asked what it was. The old man said "you better leave it there cuz if your Mom eats that she'll get even crabbier than usual !! I just about pissed myself laughing. : )
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Dec.02
  • Wow it's been a long time since I had a lunch bucket.
  • Always! I never miss a meal. :D
    • Ice man
      Can I have a bite of that salami on rye ? : )
  • im out of work so i dont bother with a lunch bucket
  • Inbetween my breakfast bucket and my dinner bucket.
    • Ice man
      With terminology like that ... you should be made to go without lunch !

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