• By all means use the small ones I grow them every year get "sweet cherry 100's" Put about 15 on a small plate and top with another plate and slice between the two plates I do that way all the time. Presto they are cut. Nov. 29
    • Ice man
      I haven't grown a garden in recent years (no time anymore) but I too use to grow 5 or 6 varieties of tomatoes every year and the sweet 100's were one of my favorites. The sweetest cherry tomatoes that I grew were (can't think of their name at the moment) bright yellow.
  • I seldom add tomatoes to my salads, but when I do, I use cherry tomatoes.
    • Ice man
      Great minds think alike. Thanks : )
    • Lilo Avli
      Great ?
  • Well don't usually put tomatoes in salads but if I do its usually larger ones cut up. Nothing wrong with cherries though.
    • Ice man
      I like tomatoes so I tend to use them in salad, not always but more often than not. I prefer using cherries but when they're unavailable I don't hesitate to cut up a big one. Thanks.
  • I like both, but if I had to pick one, I'd say a big tomato cut up.
    • Ice man
      That's interesting - so far we all like tomatoes ... but it seems the men prefer cherries, while the ladies prefer big ones !! (lol) Thanks.
  • whichever is cheaper
  • Since when have you ate salad ?!
    • Ice man
      Unbeknownst to you my FBI ( that stands for .. Fat, Bald,& Ignorant) English friend , I've maintained a healthy diet (including salad) for many years. It has enabled me to maintain a sexy masculine physique ... and no, you don't get to drool (as much as you would like to).

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