• yes! How can I help you?
  • Well what do you figure for "nice" people? If that means anyone who challenges you or makes you think or disagrees with you need not apply then maybe what you are looking for is really something other than "nice".
    • Sammy
      Nice people do not abuse their brother. Nice people do not insult others.
    • Sammy
      Officegirls, you are very gross and nasty to others. Love to insult.
  • I'm a nice person. I wasn't on the old Answerbag and I'm not mean or nasty.
  • I am nice and I am a RareCatch77!!! I was on the old site for 8 years and I didn't see very many nasty people! Your cat is beautiful! Nov.28
  • I'm nice .. been with AB for many many years , so you know we can become grumpy when we find mean people on here ... lol
    • Queen Chelsea
      Hello Pattijo :)
    • Thriftymaid
      I bet Pattijo has never been grumpy! :) 11/30 Hi Chelsea. You sound like Randy; remember him? He just wanted nice people to answer his questions. Nice to see you. :) 11/30
    • Queen Chelsea
      Thank you Thrifty yes i remember him he was fun and nice, nice to see you also :)
    • Thinker
      Hi Thriftymaid. We had some good conversations back on the old AB as well as great photos! Love you still!
  • Seek and ye shall find. :)
  • The software makes it hard to evaluate individual people. And the site has not been up long enough for anybody to build a reputation.
    • Queen Chelsea
      Oh i had a reputation on the old AB ha ha, everybody loved ChelseaLee :)
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Nov.30
    • Sammy
      The old AB was more mature with people who really care and very strong in support. This new AB has not reach mature level yet.
  • I'm nice.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Nov.30
    • Lisa Victoria
      Yes, Like me. :D
  • Hey Queen Chelsea, Nice to meet you. Yes, there are quite a few nice people here on AB.
  • People say I'm nice, but inside I'm plotting my revenge against them...
  • There are many nice people on here. But there are trolls on every site don't let them get to you.
  • There are all sorts of people on this website. But since you're only interested in meeting a certain group of people, then you can't have everything your way. This is a Q&A social network that is open to the public. Keep in mind that when you ask a question, you are asking for an opinion.
  • You mean, nice people to answer your questions and leave you nice comments? I don't know if you are going to find all nice people to interact with. You can try looking for them and ignore those who do not please you.
  • I like to think I am a nice person. I try never to say anything offensive or downgrading to another person. I will admit sometimes my comments fly way over the heads of people because they do not know where I am coming from and at times a little too blunt. I try always to follow Matthew 22:36. I was on the old AB and most people there were not mean or nasty. There were some but then there are also some here on new AB.
  • I was on the Old AB. The people here are nice enough. Some of the insulting ones from the older version are here too but they aren't as rude without their former followers cheering them on.
  • 7-12-2017 On the internet nobody knows you're a dog.
  • I'm sure most are.
  • I'm nice Man and would do anything for anyone and I have my faults to seek attention but I love all people
  • Sure. I think there are far more nice people than not nice people here.
  • 8/10/2023, there are a few nice people here, not counting the ghost accounts. 👻
  • I hope there are but like anywhere you go, you will always encounter nice people and bad people and you will know this by what they say in their answers and comments on here.
  • Plenty of them just what you consider nice maybe a lot different to what I consider nice. I have no time for a well mannered well spoken liar.
  • Yes, but you wouldn't recognize or acknowledge them. You just declare everyone who doesn't kiss your ass as mean. Really you should be more grown by now. You were supposed to be 12 over ten years ago. When will you ever mature and act like a grown up?

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