• Excellent Ice man~We need a lot more features on here. Lets get out of the first grade mode administrators or you are liable to fail like the other site. Nov. 25
  • "We all make typo's" indeed, but when the grammar Nazi's make typo's, it's always justified.
    • Ice man
      Funny how that worked eh ?
  • Is it wrong that I really liked hearing you beg? Looks like you got your way..
    • Ice man
      Wrong on so many levels ! (just kidding). Yes, and I did cartwheels the day we got our edit feature. : )
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not sure if I believe you can still do cartwheels.
    • Ice man
      You're smarter than the average cookie, I had to stop doing cartwheels because I'd fall over and hurt myself. : )
    • Linda Joy
      I wouldn't risk doing one now either.
  • Already here. Just added this. Look for a orangish square with a pencil at the upper right, when you post/answer. Make the correction, then there will be a red square at the same place. Click on it.
  • When was there NOT an edit feature? There's been one since I joined. What I would like is dating on the questions and answers and the ability to compose in paragraphs. No one wants to read a long, unbroken, wall of text, and it's bad grammar.

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