• Who are you supposed to be dating, him or his friends? Why does it matter that his "friends" are popular? If they start rumours and drama about people they are nobody's friends, and if they are popular you must live in a place where rumours are socially acceptable. If I lived in a place where rumours were acceptable I'd move somewhere else where they are not.
  • Good friends will support you if he's ultimately a good guy and you both treat each other right. True friends in life are few and usually you can count them on 1 hand throughout life. Meaning, I only have 2 friends that I keep in contact with after high school.
  • I don't believe you.
    • Crazychick
      Charming answer.
    • Thriftymaid
      Thanks. I could have just called her a troll, which she is. This is her one and only activity. 12/9
  • Would your dates include his friends? You don't even know that they will dislike you - and why would you dislike them without knowing them? You seem too close-minded and insular. If you restrict yourself to your "own kind" then it would seem to me you might miss out on a lot of good things. And look - part of life is learning to deal with and even get along with people who may hate you or who are jealous of you. You can't just hide from the world. Is up to you whether or not you choose to share in the dramas of others. I think better to be above such dramas.
  • I hope it is fairly obvious that his taste in friends exposes his taste in friends. You are not dating his friends, but he probably is always going to have friends just like that. So you are right, it's not worth the drama.
  • Look at it this way, it's not his friends you are dating.
  • No, not worth the drama.

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