• Have you tried Crate and Barrel? Champagne glasses to the New year can be a winner
  • Here's what we did (when there came to be too many relatives to buy for each other). Buy 15 rolls of 1 color of wrapping paper. Distribute it amongst party goers. Everyone purchases something THEY want, but that no one else can guess. Wrap in generic paper and do NOT put a name, Pile all gifts in one corner. After Christmas Spirit (wink wink) has kicked in, pass around packages to random people. Try to guess who bought what. (Yes, you go home with the gift you bought yourself). Make a game out of it. I won by purchasing a pizza cutter, My grandfather looked around at everyone and said, "Well, I guess you could cut screen with it."
  • has a list every day of nifty stuff from Today it happened to be book suggestions:
    • Jewels Vern
      Also from that site: How To Wrap A Present With Mathematical Precision (and Waste Less Paper)

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