• It's extremely embarrassing. Just know that "this too shall pass" your feeling of embarrassment will lessen with each day. Another important thing is that everyone has been there, everyone. Male and female.
    • blue bubbles
      Thank you so much. T_T
  • That happens to everybody. It's not a big deal.
  • What they see? OMG....
    • blue bubbles
      Fortunately, I never forget to wear my panties. XD
    • Sammy
      That is good. Some parents would have maked a big deal of it.
    • TBO
      smart girl..:+}
  • Hey blue, asl the other have said. It happens to all of us. Both gender of children, teens, and adults. Some zuppers will work it self down if the pants are tight. My son had a pair of pants which we bought and the firs time he wear them that the zipper would not stay up. They were not tight. They were just a little big than his normal size. Do not be embarrassed and that person who walk up to you and tell you was very nice and very support. I sure not to many people took notice and if they did they just pass it off.
    • blue bubbles
      aw. thanks. :)
    • Sammy
      Think about boys when it happen and something fall out in view. Than people are laugh, which make it worse. I have seen women breast fall out of their bra and shirt. It can be rough at times. How abut the pool. When girls or boys are diving into the water that girls top come off. I seen it where boys or girls were diving into the water and their bottom came off. We all been there.
  • So what ? Weren't you wearing clean underwear ?
    • Sammy
      Yes she was. The most beautiful pink you ever seen. I total her above what happen at pool with kids, teens with diving into the pool. Shocking that you lost something as you were diving in. It was a nice show and tell. There was a boy couple of years ago who was on the swim team. He was in his speedo. Stand on the flat form to go into the water. Well his new speedo was not sew correctly. The side came loose quickly. It drop as he went into the pool but he did his lap he was to do. So when he go finish that someone gave him a towel. Well all the girls and women know what a 11 year old boy look like. We all been there.
    • Ice man
      And how would you know what color underwear the kid was wearing, Sammy ?? You are clearly off in your own perverted little universe again.
  • It happens. Just let it go and be more careful. It's good that someone took the initiative to let you know about it. Many people wouldn't bother.
  • I always miss the good stuff, can you send me a pic please

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