• Hey PattiJo. Do the agents try to show you something else? Do they say "We already have a contract, but let me show you xxxx?" That is what they will do. If they have one listing that is bringing in lots of calls, they don't try to sell it, they use it to keep the phone ringing. If you find one you really want and are getting the runaround, find out who owns it and contact them. They will either say it's sold/under contract or they will be livid about their agent. Also, if it is REO or a foreclosure, the time for submit contracts may have passed but they always leave those listings in MLS and on until they have a closing date. Hope you get a house. I just finished renovating the one I'm living in. :) Good luck.
    • Pattijo
      Thank you Thrifty for responding , once I say I'm interested they push me away , don't even get a chance to say I'll buy at the cost showing .. they just hurry me if the phone by reminding me that '' this is a sellers time '' .. wow .. I guess I need to change the things I say when I ask and hurry to say '' cash offer '' full price .. I never get any chance
    • Pattijo
      Huh ?

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