• If I follow, where will you lead?
    • Veena.K
      Hi Bill,the question is actually a pun on the new answer bag terminology for friends ( as you see friends are referred to as 'followers';))
  • Sure~I remember you from the old site we were friends!
    • Veena.K
      Ummm do tell me your name....I'm trying to recollect who you are;)) by the way,the question is a pun on answerbag terminology for friends,it refers to Friend as 'follower;))
    • RareCatch
      Hi Veena.K My name was the same Rare Catch!
    • Veena.K
      Hi TBO,glad you got it;)) Tell me who you were in your last birth....I mean in the previous answerbag;))
    • TBO
      that's too initials spell it out.The Ban........ O..
  • Let me reassure you that you are not.
  • I only follow the current. It's easier 'cause it carries me and I don't have to move much.
    • Veena.K
      Ha ha nice;))
  • Sure, no problem. It's like we say on the road when a speeder passes by, "Go ahead and beat the bushes for me, I'll follow you." It means the faster vehicle gets the attention of the police and followers will see the flashing lights and slow down to a legal speed. So pretty much only as far as it benefits me. Then I'll swerve off onto my own path.

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