• Very good.
    • TBO
      thanks so much.
  • I'm not one who normally enjoys poetry ( well, other than the dirty little ditties my navy buddies use to come out with. :) but I liked this one. Is this your own work? If so, then Bravo, very well done !!
    • TBO
      Yes it's mine..Thanks..I've been practicing for decades. glad you enjoyed it.
  • It's not scary at all, in fact it's very nice.
    • TBO
      thanks we think alike.
  • It's a very interesting poem... I like it ... but I'm not really good defining a message of one poem.. can I ask what is the message of your poem?? And can you please answer my questions about constellation of stars..I would really appreciate it ..thank you
    • TBO
      it was for Halloween..Some people try hiding from reality. the poem invites them to see and feel pain.
  • Dark and visceral, like an "Ode to the Shadow" Nice work. I'd like to hear some more questions from you TBO.
    • TBO
  • maybe to some people but it dont scare me
    • TBO
  • I jave no vlue what your
    • TBO
      huh yeh?
  • I have no clue what information or story or idea you are trying to impart. Its not scary. It just sounds like you are trying too hard.
    • TBO
      well I'm just starting..let's see yours,maybe I can learn.
  • Yeah. Enough.
    • TBO

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