• If he even knew it was happening, he should be shunned from society. Honestly, if I were the coach of a pro team, I simply wouldn't employ a criminal.
  • He should be banned from LIFE. Dog fighting is cruel.
  • Yes he should. I heard it on the news this morning what had been actually done to these dogs. He is nothing but a sorry thug! I made that decision last year when he flipped his middle finger at the crowd when walking off the field. What a disgrace to the entire Falcon organization.
  • If he is indeed found guilty, then yes, he should be banned from the NFL...but that will be the least of his worries. He will have up to 5 years to think about how he wasted his life and his talent by doing something as stupid and as cruel as dog fighting. Just reading how he and his cohorts allegedly "euthanized" poor performing dogs is absolutely disgusting. Of course we know that what should happen and what will happen are two different matters. Because of his elevated status, he will likely get the bare minimum sentence and some owner in the NFL will give him a chance, both for his talent and his notoriety. Wow...this may actually be my first "serious" answer here on AnswerBag.
  • For those who hadn't read the whole story: I think that what they did was inhumane, cruel, and disgusting. How people can treat animals like that is beyond me. However....the dog fighting itself had nothing at ALL to do with his performance as an athlete, and because of this I don't feel that he should be banned. Fined, and perhaps made to contribute something monthly to the Humane Society, but definately (sp) not banned.
  • No, not for life. If found guilty, Vick should pay his fine, or serve his sentence. The league, which should be deeply concerned with public reaction, should then suspend him for a season at the most. Where Vick is from ( the South) such dog fighting still has a grass roots following. This will do much to further stigmatize this “sport” , and this case will do much to advance public awareness. Vick stands to loose millions in public endorsements. Believe me, he will pay the price. Vick has proved to be a real bust for the Falcons organization. He will be very hard to move. His salary cap numbers are huge.
  • Just a gentle reminder: Indictment does *NOT* mean that he is guilty. If it did, we could dispense with the whole messy business of having a trial. That being said...if he is found guilty, I would hope that Vick would serve the same sentence that the archetypal 'man in the street' would serve for the same crime. Some news reports state that others allegedly involved in this dog-fighting crime ring will face up to 6 years in jail. Naturally, if Vick is in jail, he won't be able to play in the NFL and will not receive a salary. Vick also faces league sanctions. Not only do most professional athlete contracts have language against 'moral turpitude', but Vick has ticked off the league office by denying any involvement in this crime when questioned by the league. As repugnant as forcing dogs to fight is, I don't think Vick should be banned. He should "pay his debt to society" and be allowed to ply his trade. Naturally, if he is guilty, I hope that he serves those 6 years in prison. Assuming he doesn't go to prison, I think the NFL should make him an offer he can't refuse: Accept banishment from the league equal to what his prison sentence would have been, or donate 1/2 his salary to animal shelters, animal rescue organizations, etc.
  • He should go to jail first. But let's remember that a person like Ray Lewis had a part in murdering someone and he still is an NFL superstar.
  • If he is found guilty he should serve a prison sentence and then go back to his life. As evil as this crime is and if he is found guilty, he can only be punished for the crime that he committed by the courts. The NFL is not a Law Society and it is up to the people that employ him if they wish to terminate his contract or to keep him. Personally i would not want him as a teammate but that is nothing to do with the indictment
  • banned for life and his name wiped of all record books ... because scum don't deserve recognision
  • Yes, he should. He has pled guilty, and that speaks volumes for me. It means that he and his lawyers believed it was likely that he would be found guilty on far more serious charges. I would never watch another NFL game with him in it. For a serious, committed football fan like me, that speaks volumes.
  • I think it would benefit the NFL not to have him there.
  • I dont believe Vick should be banned for life but I believe he should not be allowed to come to the NFL until he is 100% rehabilated rather its 5 years from now or next week. Even though what VIck did was wrong I feel he still has the right to make a living as he previously has or however he sees fit. One of my biggest pet peeves with our country is we fell as if you commit a major crime it should hang over your head forever and that you should be force to remain at the bottom forever and become slaves for the rest of America. Think about guys convicted of felony are forever lost in hoplessness because society still denies them the right to be free even after time served. When A burger King employee commits a major crime we don't say quit working at burger king. Nor do we in some cases for cops who unjustly murder people controversial but true if you really review cop brutality in America . Michael VIck doesnt deserve anything but if he has the ability, empathy and dedication to work for his spot on a team rather it be UFL, AFL, CFL or NFL he deserves it because that is the foundation of America. If you work hard you have the right to succed. One of the most idoitic thing people say to me is calling sports a privilege (spelled it wrong I know) when it is more of a business. If Vick can become the Old athletetic Vick and reinvent his image to be good for business for any team then he has the right to return to work.
  • And what should we do with people who take the lives of innocent animals for "sport"? Oh no, wait a minute......."that's different"........right?

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