• I don't get the pressure yet...but I know that I will, my mom wants grandchildren...bad.
  • My sister always pressures me, I think its because at my age she was already married and had a baby. My mom also wants to marry me off, but she's a tad more patient.
  • nope. My mother pressured me to educate myself and to never have children.
  • No not even a little bit. Actually, they were the opposite. They didn't want me to get married and start a family. I wish I had listened to them about the marriage part. I wouldn't give up my son for anything.
  • My mother didn't start pressuring until recently.. I'm 31 and she wants grandkids!
  • No pressure at all. Better not have been since I was just 18. But after we had been married around 5 years I did get the "aren't you pregnant yet" speech. My mom wanted to be a young grandmother. After 15-20 years passed she realized it wasn't going to happen and she wouldn't be that young gramma ever. Now, after almost 35 years she IS going to be a grandmother but not by me. My brother who got married late in life is going to give her that grandchild she always wanted, this August.
  • No not at all . My Mother adored my husband but she never tried to push anything and never interferes in her childrens lives.
  • I think my parents would like that of me someday, but after they say something that assumes I will have a family they always correct being like "of course only if you want that".
  • Thank goodness I was the youngest of 8 girls so I was not pressured to marry and make my mother a grandmother That fell on my older sisters.
  • Years(decades) ago but now they have given up.Idon't believe in the sanctity of marriage and what it stands for and they no accept it.
  • Not at all. I think my parents were surprised I wanted to get married at the age I did but they knew I had been in love with him for years already. My mom would have lived to be a young grandmother but she never pressured us, just expressed a regret when it didn't happen.
  • Yes. They couldn't wait to get me out of the house.
  • Not at all. Maybe because I wasn't the oldest non-married child.
  • No, they don't really care what I do with my life as long as I'm responsible and take decent care of myself physically and emotionally.
  • Yes and thank jesus i didnt listen to them but I was pregnant at the age of 17 and my parents tried to force me to get married and i didnt listen to them now we just broke up 2kids and 8yrs later! Thankfully i dont have the headache of a divorce to go threw!
  • yah, a shotgun wedding. then five years later, the new wife says she is a latent lesbian and wants and gets a devorce. thanks dad. ...her dad.
  • My dad was pressuring me a year ago, saying that my nephews and niece need some cousins. He told me to just knock somebody up...I said 'That's great, Dad'.
  • Not my parents, but my aunts and grandmother kept telling me I wasn't getting any younger ... I was 21!! Sheesh. For that reason, I NEVER hounded my son about it. I figure he'd get married and have a family if he found the right person, if not, well that's his business. (Although I have to confess I'd love a grandchild - but it's a secret OK?)
  • yeah.. all the time... all day long.. every min, sec. etc.... at first i didnt care much..but now it starts to irritate me greatly!!!! i'm thinking of going to another city so not to listen to such things.. lol
  • Actually yes, i got a divorce with that guy and got with another guy and no lie i got preg 2 months in the relationship. Im happier now though... Still wondering if this is the best it gets...jaja
  • My parents never did. But, my boyfriend's mom keeps doing that to him. At least though, it must mean she likes me. >_>
  • By my Mom ... NEVER! But, by my stepdad ... absolutely! My little brother got married when he was 17 and his wife was 16. So, I think the old stepdad wanted me to do the same (or at least I heard about it every time I saw him). I finally found someone that was blind and kinda goofy, and I paid her to say "yes", (just kidding!), but I did get married at the age of 20. It's been almost 29 years now, and 3 grown kids later, so something worked! My little brother had 2 beautiful daughters, and divorced after 5 years. I think that shows (just a little bit), that pressuring kids into things doesn't always work out right!
  • no, i wasn't pressured to get married or have children.

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