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  • 17 days after birth yor chances of being pregnant again are astronomically remote. Safe to say you have zero chance of being pregnant again so soon after birth. If you breast feed for the next two years your chances of becoming pregnant again are nearly as astronomical for the next two years. Different women have different cut off dates, some as soon as a year (even when breast feeding) others as late as 2.5 years. I would discuss with Doctor the need for birth control this early post natal, your body is undergoing further changes, meaning it there are hormones and activity still going on where your body is going back to "normal" (I use normal in a relative sense since no two patients are exactly the same). Adding estrogen or other chemicals to your system can have a few negative affects. IF you suffer from any "woman's complaints" related to cycle and or hormones then your doctor may require that you return to your birth control schedules soonest. Since the hormones in birth control have been found to work toward relieving some "woman's complaints". I am utterly amazed that 17 days after birth you are up to the prospect of sex, most women do not feel "ready" for penetration that soon. Even if C section, some care should be taken for a month or so after wards, again your body is undergoing some serious changes going from pregnancy mode to non-pregnancy mode.
  • first and foremost congrats to the both of you . when i had my first daughter , i conceived my 2nd daughter within 3 months after she was born. but it is different with every woman. now with my sister she got pregnant with her daughter while she was nursing her son who at the time was 9 months old.
  • I thought the doctors usually tell you to not have sex for 6 weeks after birth... someone is impatient...
  • I mainly just wanted to say, "Congratulations!!" and best wishes to you and your family - but I also believe the chance that you might be pregnant this soon after giving birth is highly unlikely. Good luck!!!
  • You can become pregnant IMMEDIATELY after giving birth. It's almost unheard of, especially since the doctor tells you to wait six weeks before resuming intercourse. However, I am living proof that it's most certainly possible. I became pregnant only several weeks after giving birth to my first child. I also have a friend who has experienced this not once, but TWICE. She has three children who are all spaced TEN months apart from each other.
  • The reason why the doctors tell you to not have sex the first week or two after having a baby is BECAUSE you can get pregnant right after, You are fertile. You don't want to have another baby this soon anyways because your body still hasn't healed and its recommended to not even think about having another baby until your newborn turns 1 years old..Then your body will have time to heal and your uterus would go back to its normal size. Your chances of pregnancy are once again VERY high if you had sex any of the times before you started your birth control..If you are taking birth control pills they usually dont stick in your system until you've been taking them for a month or so..So your chances of getting pregnant are still pretty good if you have unprotected sex even with the birth control pills..That's why i would recommend even using condoms during this period because you can't really trust birth control to be completely affective nowadays. I would wait a few weeks to have sex again, If you tore or had a episiotomy while giving birth and if you were to have sex again you could potentially tear the stitches or cause the tears to open up again..Thus causing you to have to go back to the doctor.
  • no if u stop taking them and have sex u cane
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  • Yes, you can get pregnant ANY time. Right after birth, during your period, while breastfeeding, etc. The odds are lower during those times, BUT unless you are regularly using ovulation prediction kits, you can't be sure when you have actually ovulated, thus you won't really know if it's a "safer" time, so my advice is DON'T RISK IT. Getting pregnant so soon after birth is VERY hard on your body. Your baby depleted your stores of a lot fo minerals in your body, especially calcium, so having 2 babies back to back can lead to weak bones, which is why doctors recommend waiting between babies. It's for YOUR health, because babies will take what they need from YOU, and YOU suffer, not the baby. Good luck !
  • Everyone's body is different and recovers at a different rate from ANYthing, including delivery. Add to this other factors like breastfeeding and you can conclude that there is no hard-and-fast rule that applies to all women about when their bodies will be ready to conceive again. That said, ovulation generally occurs 2 weeks prior to bleeding - so if your body was going to be ready to be "back on track" about 28 days after delivering (my period came back 29 days to the day, despite a long yucky time of lochia flow) - that would mean you ovulated roughly 14 days after delivery. So - yeah. You could certainly be pregnant!
  • I hope it's possible to conceive sooner coz i had an IUFD(Intra Uterine Fetal Death)of our first baby ten days to my due date b2in sept 18th and sept 20th this year and trying to conceive again. Ihad my periods back on 21st Oct,and in nov 22 i had them again. I have faith that am gonna conceive soon. Please keep me in prayers. To answer you, doctors say 6wks after delivery you can easily conceive.
  • Visiting hour pregnancies are commonplace
  • When I had my kids, I wasn't supposed to have sex for 6 weeks so I could heal and to be sure I didn't get an infection. I'm not sure when that rule changed, but it seems to me that I've known an awful lot of people who find out they are pregnant at their six week after checkup.
  • i had sex 4 week after haveing my son was born we use a condum till the end then we took it off then wen we finished he pulled out can i be pregnant from taken the condum and finising without it even though he pulled out
  • I had Sex 3 or 4 days after giving birth... And im scared i might be pregnant again, is that even really possible?
  • One of my former neighbours had her two children within a space of 323 days. Assuming the second one wasn't premature, that baby would have been conceived about seven weeks after the first one was born.

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