• Well, lets get out the list! 1:circumventing the constitution by: warrentless wiretapping destruction of habeus corpis decaying the separation of church and state starting a immoral war (not to mention illiegal) founded on lies to the american public, killing 3.6k+ of our troops, and over 1 million iraqi civilians (and make no mistake, the blood lies on his hands) Creating and backing up a huge propaganda campaign with the only purpose to bring this country into war, first with iraq, now their attempting to go to war with Iran. Making secret detention cells, and illiegally kidnapping foriegn and domestic civilians, then detaining them and torturing the. There is more, but I cant be bothered to list it. Thats more than enough to impeach. (PS: sorry about the spelling and grammar errors, I'm kinda tired now)
  • He still is a bad president!
  • He is not a bad president. The list given most often is based on speculation. 1. Wiretapping has been approved by Congress, which is now led by the Democratic Party. Their bill approved immunity for telecom companies who helped with the program. It is a Terror Surveillence program. 2. Bush didn't lie us to war. The idea for regime change in Iraq started as a policy under President Bill Clinton in 1998. Bush simply felt that in a post-9/11 world, we could no longer appease dictators like Hussein. 3. There is no proof of kidnapping or torturing of civilians. President Bush did what was necessary in a post-9/11 world. Creating the Patriot Act, which allowed FBI and CIA officials to interact on cases and share information. Creating Homeland Security, which brought various agencies together to tighten intelligence and efficiency. Using the tools provided by law and the Constitution to track down and capture terrorists and to protect the country. The spin put on these actions by the opposing party, while still advocating them in Congress, is merely political. Those who've bought into it are not being intellectually honest.
  • He was a war president, killed many innocent people all around the world, their blood on him and destroyed the US economy and America lost their respect in the world.
  • There are SO MANY reasons, but they all boil down to his sense of entitlement, arrogance, lack of intellect, and the lack of confidence that makes it impossible for him to hear opposition to his own beliefs.
  • 1. Stole 2 consecutive elections 2. Engaged in two illegal wars resulting in 136 billion dollars squandered, 1,000,000 innocent people dead and $5/for a gallon of gas 3. Destroyed the Constitution 4. Took away civil liberties from the citizens 5. Terrorized the country thru fear manipulation 6. Left the country with a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit 7. Stole 850 billion dollars from the working class and gave it to the rich 8. Squandered all available resources of the country 9. Plundered two countries 10. Raped, robbed and ridiculed the American citizens for 8 years 11. Nearly sent the country back into the Dark Ages with his religious fanaticism and ignorance 12. Aided and abetted in the economic depression 13. Broke every possible international treaty previously entered into by the US with other countries 14. Had no regard or respect for the law, US and international 15. Was the biggest recruiter of terrorist ever known 16. Lied, cheated, stole and covered it all up 8 years I'm gonna stop now but I know there's a lot I'm missing
  • I don't blame George Bush I blame bad education of the people. George Bush: Simply helped to improve his family buisness(oil) by making a war. Wouldn't anyone do that? He did the best he possibly could for him and his family, plus his friends in the weapon industry. Welcome to the corporatocracy. 2)He knew that the ignorantly idealistic plus poorly-educated American public would approve another UNNECESSARY, NON-DEFENSIVE war. As they ve always done. In other words he took advantage of the fact that american people haven't realised that A GOVERMENT IS NEVER FORMED BY IDEALISTS. And a president has to be an educated smart non-prejudiced or close-minded person. Having a president who doesn't have the above "qualities" means HE ISN'T A PRESIDENT. Just the mask. George Bush barely knew basic geography. Had american people known HISTORY, they would know that NEVER HAS A WAR OCCURED FOR IDEALISTIC REASONS, ALTHOUGH THE PRETENSES WERE IDEALISTIC ONLY TO MANIPULATE THE PEOPLE. Educate yoursleves people. Governments don't do that. Governments aren't man's best friend(That's why only dogs fill this position for centuries now) Governments have profits.Not friends. You, though, only have yourselves. So learn History and geography for god sakes. George bus didn't even know where Iraq was. If the head of the "people"(That's what applies for a president of a true democracy and not an ethnic security democracy) is so ignorant that he doesn't know where and why his country attacks.. what can I expect from the people who are the "legs" of the body(..of a true democracy)? And it is also very arrogant and angering to the rest of the world for american people to think that they have to interfere or to resolve OTHER NATION'S PROBLEMS. And why would a government wanna do that? Is it "Mother Teresa" or something? No, no, no the government has it's own PROFITS involved. NO mother teresa concept in that. And as the movie says, Either you die a hero(JF Kennedy, Martin Luther King) or you live to see yourself BEING(or becoming) the villain. Wake up and remember not to trust "Mother Teresas" type of people. Trust is to be earned and MAINTAINED through -AcTiOnS-. No NON-DEFENSIVE war is justified. Remeber that. By the way, Why isn't George Bush in Jail(or on an electric chair) because if by "ignorantly" killing 1000.000 people he is still regarded.. innocent, then many US criminal have died in vain on the electric chairs or in prisons(by accidently commiting a crime). Why aren't these people given remission?? Oh.. I forgot. That would only happen in a democracy!
  • That is your opinion. I saw a lot of people here in AB who think exactly the opposite George Bush has excellent human values, and it made him a GREAT President. He never has thrown his people under the bus vs. Obama. He has never critisized Obama since the 2nd became a President. How many time already Obama opened his dirty mouth and smeared Bush??? I lost count. Obama is NOT a decent man. Bush is!!
  • He led the economy to where it is now. People getting laid off from their jobs and looking for work.
  • I would'nt say he was a bad president. From a scale of 1-10 being the highest, I would say he was about a 7.
  • Not only a bad president, George W. Bush is in serious contention for the title of worst ever, No previous president appears to have squandered the public's trust more than Bush has.
  • Did everyone forget about 911? I mean President Bush told us exactly what he was going to do and did it. After 911 everyone was for what he was going to do and when he did WHAT HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO.. everyone some how got lost and started hating him... The funny shit is every one loves Clinton.. but you know Samalia was just ... what.. a war? ... for what reason..... oh and he lied.. he was such a great guy that he cheated on his wife... and its funny that liberals love him... and then again liberals are for gay rights... but who was the one who came up with the " dont ask dont tell policy" not letting gays into the military... oh yeah it was Clinton... wierd...
  • Because he placed faith over knowledge and... He just wasn't, as they say, intellectually curious. +5
  • That's just your opinion. Hundreds of us here on AB have an opposite opinion - he was a great President and protected us.
  • Ooooh, let me count the ways: He was a liar He was a fraud He was a mass murder He was a drunk He was a drug addict He was a dictator He was a liar He was a puppet He was the biggest recruiter of terrorists the world has ever known He was a liar He gave away the people's money to the rich by the truckload He screwed us all
  • he wanst. why would you think he was??
  • No. I know ill get Dr'd for this, but i dont think he was a bad president. He did his best to keep this country safe. I do think he didnt do a good job with the economy though.
  • He didn't start enough wars or implement enough fascist policies.
  • The only thing that I have to say about that is that he didn't get Osama Bin Laden.
    • dickw60
      He really couldn't because the Bush family are good friends of the Bin Laden family and are partners in many Middle East Oil deals. He didn't want to screw up those oil deals. In fact some of the Ben Laden family was at the Bush ranch in Texas at the time of 9-11 and were smuggled out through Mexico.
  • 1. He lied to start a pointless war 2. His policies helped contribute to the economic mess we are in. 3. He used loopholes to do some borderline illegal things. I'm sure others have listed more, but those three sum it up for me.
  • Another disposable puppet for the Israeli corruption perhaps?
  • He had no sense of decency or responsibility, and he wasn't very smart. He lied good.
  • Most of you do not understand what a bad president is. First off Bush wasn't the only one who thought Iraq had wmd's, Colin powell and most of congress believed it. it was inevitable to go to war with the middle east. 1.If any thing it is not George Bush's Fault, but America as a whole. Not all of us but many americans are arrogant. What happened to a nation found on Christian principles. Now we arew taught there is no God, abortion, pre marital sex, and homosexuality. That is how the rest of the world sees us, immoral and not deserving of all we have. 2. As to him killing 1 million people. I guess by that standard we should say FDR is responsible for 2 million plus deaths. After all he brought us into world war two. If you say he had to enter the war because of pearl harbor and world conflict pressure. What about 9/11, didn't they attack us and have continued attacks. He would be a bad president if he didn't defend america. 3. The economy is not George Bush's fault. When Andrew Jackson left office he left his policies caused the economy to go into a depression, yet Martin Van Buren was given the blame. Our situation with the economy is not based on one president's policies, but how America has rans its economy since 1776. It was innevitable as was the war.
  • Which Bush are you speaking of? Papa Bush was one of the main planners of 9-11. He had the plans executed during baby Bush's presidency. It was all planned because of oil. Listen to many of the reports given that day and learn it was not even commercial airliners that hit the towers nor hit the Pentagon. For instance the aircraft that hit the Pentagon left no wings or tail sections on the ground. Then how can a plane whose fuselage is 27 feet in diameter only leave a hole 14 feet in diameter? People who saw the second plane hit the tower said there were no windows in the plane, it was a US military airplane.

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