• I have a 30 gig iPod but I don't think there's any difference on transferring music. Do you have AutoSync on?? That's the easiest way to get music to your iPod. Anything that in your iTunes library will automatically be copied to your nano when its connected. If you prefer not to have AutoSync on, select the songs that you want to add from your iTunes window (where it shows the individual. Use Shift+Left Click to select a range, or Ctrl+Left Click to select specific files) Then left click and drag all of the highlighted files to the left of the iTunes interface, and hover over the picture of your iPod nano (beneath Music Library/Playlists etc) Let go of your mouse button. It should begin to transfer
  • How much memory does your NANO have left after putting the songs on?
  • You can't add music without deleting the music you already have on teh Ipod. This one of those little iTunes gifts that keep you paying. Wnen you go to manually sync, it asks do you want to delete your current songs. If you say no then you're done end of story no new tunes. What a rip off right. There is a program I haven't tried yet called 4media (google it) that says it allows you to add songs without losing your old songs. Let's all thank Apple for another product that makes you keep buying software in order to do what you can do for free on Microsoft products....

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