• I don't think he is old right now, but in the 6th and 7th movies he will be too old.
  • No way. I think it's really good that Daniel is growing with the character. His age has looked perfect for Harry in all the movies so far.
  • NO! I think it's ridiculous that people are actually complaining about the apparent age of the characters. PEOPLE AGE. That's how LIFE WORKS. It would be ridiculous if he didn't look the way he does. Think about how much time has passed since the beginning of filming. It's totally realistic. What would NOT be realistic is replacing him with another actor. I would boycot the movies. You basically DOOM a sequel to box office death when you change out the main actors. Stupid, stupid move.
  • No, of course not. He is much closer to the age of the character he plays than most actors. In Hollywood, teenagers are often played by 20-something actors/actresses, as in American Pie.
  • No! Growing up with the characters/actors is what connects peolpe to Harry Potter.
  • Wizards are considered adults at the age of 17, capable of making the most important of decisions, so I think his maturation might do things good.
  • it would be weird to see another actor playing Harry...daniel radcliffe is perfect! and he is the same age as no hes not too old! x

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