• I slow down and look. Sometimes I stop and try to help, but not often.
  • I usually keep driving and focus, because if I Dont, chances are I'll get distracted and cause another accident :P
  • i don't look purely because i feel its rude, its bad enough they have had an accident without everyone gawping at them too.
  • no. As yet, I have only ever passed two accidents in my life and on both occassions the police or ambulance service have been there. If they hadn't arrived, I would have to stop and check that someone had rang for help.
  • I keep driving and paying attention to the road. Even if I was inclined to slow down and look, I wouldn't. I've been rear-ended by idiots who were too busy looking at an accident when they should have been paying attention to traffic.
  • It's hard to not look at an accident, but I've only seen one and yes, I slowed down and stared at it. -.-
  • You've seen one, you've seen them all. I don't typically rubberneck.
  • If there are already people helping and everything looks under control then I carry on driving and keep my eyes on the road, but if I was first on the scene as happened last year then I would definitely stop to see if help was required.
  • Everyone rubbernecks to some extent. That is why the long traffic jams when the accident is on the other side of the freeway.
  • if it's on the other side of a highway... i keep driving... if it's on a backroad.... i slow down and look.
  • Having seen the carnage that major accidents can cause, I do my best to try to keep the "rubber-neckers" from causing another accident on my side of the road, (unless no one has stopped to help ... then I would stop to check on everyone).
  • I focus on the traffic and keep driving. Always seems to happen when I'm in a hurry.
  • Both at a tiem.
  • i'm on a motorbike ... i keep going
  • I usually look, mainly to make sure that there is someone helping them. I've been first on the scene several times, and I don't want to be guilty of just driving on by if there is no one there to help.
  • I stay focused on the road, but I can't help but glance that way to make sure that I do not know the people in the accident.
  • I look to see if I can be of assistance. Been the first one on the scene a few times.
  • ... without slowing, I rapidly check if my help is needed or not ... if I see that some sort of rescue or fist aid is needed, fire put out, call cops, fire dept., or ambulance, or even just a hand to move debris, then I will stop just past the accident scene and walk back to help ... but usually I will verify that I am not needed and will just drive by without slowing.
  • i look, accidents excite me, but if they are alone or need help i will stop no matter what.
  • i dont drive but if i did i would call 911
  • I drive normal speed but still look at th accident.
  • if there are authorities present I focus on the road I usually slow down because everyone else already has but I focus on the road Of course there are exceptions, like when I saw the young lady that lived at my house spin out on the interstate crossing at least 3 lanes screaming with her hands flying around her head. I waited for her to stop and went straight to the car and found out she was ok but didn't want the authorities called. And I took her to her bf @ work. He went back and got the car
  • If I'm first one on the scene, I stop to help. Otherwise I look but not slow down and keep going.
  • Most people will gawk and not pay attention to where they're going. During my career, I had my car hit 4 times (2 were totaled) by people who weren't focused on the road and didn't see the black and white police car with red and blue flashing lights. And I was hit 3 times by people looking for blood on the pavement instead of watching for the police officer wearing the bright yellow reflective vest who was directing traffic. I lost count of how many times I smacked the side of someone's car with my flashlight because they almost hit me.

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