• I would have thought almost cannibalistic!
  • Not really. Many birds eat their own young or others of their species, so I don't think eating a different one wouldn't be much of a stretch. They do eat some bugs but for the most part parrots like seeds and nuts. There is even one parrot that is known as a sheep killer. Lamb, chicken, not much difference :-)
  • No but it's a waste of good chicken.
  • I once fed chicken to chickens... I think that might be worse.
  • please dont feed your parrot chicken...they cannot properly digest certain proteins and not to mention the hormones that are injected into our chicken! definatly not recomended...a safe alternative is hard boiled chicken egg.. you can even leave on the shell... the shell is a awsome source of calcium especially for female birds
  • parrots are vegitarians!!! please dont feed meat to your parrot!
  • yes you can and the bone too. they dont ingest the bone only the marrow inside. and chicken dont hurt them. in the wild they eat fruit, seed, nuts, meat, roots, clay,etc.
  • It isn't sadistic, but is cannibalistic and not recommended given that parrots (like most birds) are meant to be vegetarian.
  • No. My sun conure loves chicken and I've been told by my veterinarian that it's perfectly healthy for them to eat it. She also loves macaroni and cheese.
  • Not to be disrespectful or argumenative, but I lucked out and had access to some pretty top drawer experts for about 8 years...and I took advantage of the opportunities to learn.... According to the Avian Nutritionalist, at the San Diego Zoo...and the Avian Vet who volunteers surgical time also at the San Diego Zoo...Many Parrots can not only eat and digest Chicken (and other meats as well) but it is better to feed most Parrots a HEALTHY HUMAN DIET of assorted foods and leave the seed mixes as more of a "treat" feed. Congo African Grays particularly do better eating what YOU normally eat as long as some common sense is applied. What would be a healthy, balanced (optimum) diet for YOU suits the birds better! No fried foods, low fat, low salt, good mix of fruits, whole grains, veggies, proteins/meats. NO processed meats, little if any white flour, or white sugar. NO alcohol at all for the bird, NO sugar substitutes, no sodas, no coffee, no tea. On Avocados: "it is not the avocado FRUIT that will kill your bird, it is the bit of brown covering that is over the SEED that is TOXIC to long as you have gotten ALL of that off of a bite of avocado, an occasional bite is safe, usually enjoyed and has healthy oils in it. But, there must be NONE of the brown seed covering on any bite you allow your bird to have EVER!" Cooked or raw veggies and fruits are good...and sometimes what the bird will reject one way, it will eat another! Lots of dark green leafy veggies are good for bumping up those calcium levels, which CAGs have challenges with anyway! Most parrots are SCAVENGERS in the wild...they naturally eat meats, fruits and other plant life, sometimes even bugs. Eggs, scrambled or boiled are excellent. I would go easy on cheese and other dairy products. Emily might get a few noodles that have Alfredo Sauce on them, but she is also getting the veggies and whatever meat we are having as well. Emily REALLY loves meats and I have to get creative to get her to eat her veggies...she loves oranges (another good source of calcium because SHE loves the white part between the fruit and the peel, where the bulk of the calcium is! Salmon, Talapia, Steak, Hamburger, Chicken, Turkey and fresh pork (not bacon, or other CURED pork...although she probably would eat it, I don't offer it!) are her favorite meats...cooked just about any way that we do them. She also likes Chile and other spicy foods. She is NOT keen on sweets at all, which includes some of the fruit I would LIKE for her to eat, at least a little of...more creative serving at work! Meats are ALWAYS cooked but the veggies and fruits I do have to play with between raw and cook or cooked part way...usually she has some seed available...but eats whatever we are eating. (keeps us on track for thinking about eating She NEVER gets any sort of "fast food" or CHOCOLATE...(also not a good thing to offer your bird!) An occasional bite of a chip or Frito, I might allow her (she would love more) but again..think NO fried, and Low Fat! She usually gets her own feed cup of food, but on occasion we share a plate together. (this helps me to see what sorts of things she is likely to go after on her own)
  • Parrots aren't vegetarians, they're ominvores which means their diet consists of both plant & animal products. Yes you can feed chicken. I've never heard of them not being able to digest chicken before. As someone stated above, healthy human food is the best diet for a parrot. Chicken is an excellent healthy source of meat protein. In the wild most parrots get their meat protein from bugs. The amount of chicken or other protein is a more important question as not all parrot require the same amount of protein in their diets.For instance the eclectus parrot should not have chicken unless they're breeding or going through a heavy moult. This is because this is the only parrot species (that I am aware of) that needs a high veg protein diet & very low meat protein diet. A high meat protein diet can cause health issues. All other parrot species require their high meat protein diet all year round & they can get this in any form of healthy human food, including chicken that has not been cooked in fat, salt & skin & fat removed.
  • It's pretty clucked up;)
  • Thats a toss up. I guess it would depend on if you believe that man descended from a monkey. If so, then using the same reasoning, yes, the parrot would definitely be a cannibal :) Anyways, Why is your parrot eating chicken? I thought he liked polish boys?
  • Nope :) Makes him a carnivore.
  • No, it makes him bloated.
  • No. All chickens are birds but they are not parrots. It is no more cannibalism than a human eating another mammal such as a cow.
  • 1) No, because it is not the same species. "Cannibalism (from Spanish caníbal, in connection with cannibalism among the Antillean Caribs) is the act or practice of humans eating other humans. The eating of human flesh is also known as anthropophagy, from Greek: ἄνθρωπος, anthropos, "human being"; and φαγειν, phagein, "to eat". While taken as a synonym for human cannibalism, this term also applies when a non-human life-form consumes human flesh. In zoology, the term "cannibalism" is extended to refer to any species consuming members of its own kind (see cannibalism (zoology))." Source and further information: Further information: 2) "The diet of parrots consists of seeds, fruit, nectar, pollen, buds, and sometimes insects and to a lesser degree animal prey." Source and further information: 3) "Cannibalism is defined as “the practice of eating the flesh of your own kind.” So, my interpretation would be that you must eat the same species. So if your parrot chomps on chicken marrow, it’s not even close to cannibalism. I’m willing to throw you a bone though (get it? throw you a bone??). We’ll skip over belonging to the same genus all together. Let’s say you must be of the same FAMILY in order to be a cannibal. Okay, most of us get squeamish at the idea of any primate on the plate for dinner, fair enough. Note that according to the taxonomy, chimpanzees are then too closely related to the eat without moral question. What about parrots and chicken? Nope. Criminy, they aren’t even of the same ORDER! “So what!” you say. It’s still birds eating birds. Okay, you know what makes them birds? Their CLASS. So, here’s the kicker. Humans and cows and sheep and pig are all of the same CLASS….mammals. What’s that you say? You love a good steak or a pork roast? You CANNIBAL you!! Yes, chicken and parrots are as far apart on the taxonomic tree as people and cows." Source and further information:
  • I don't think so. The parrot is probably no more closely related to a chicken than you are to a cow.
  • No, it makes him a cannibal.
  • just an onmivore
  • No" It makes your parrot poop on the word vegetarian!
  • It's actually spelled cannibal. No it doesn't make him a cannibal. We are mammals and we eat other mammals, i.e. cow . Your parrot is a carnivore or meat-eater.
  • we useto feed out parrot our leftover chicken. i dont think so because snakes eat snakes and have you ever heard of a chicken hawk
  • Hahahaha, that's a funny question. You'll form some sort of Mad Bird Disease. Naw, I don't think it's sadistic. I have a friend who has had their parrot for a good few years and regular checkups to the vet and no problems as of yet. So my answer reamins with the thumbs up.
  • It is not sadistic, it is not harmful at all. The general rule for domestic parrots is that anything that is good for us is also good for the parrot i.e. a balanced diet, of course this does depend on the species of the parrot, so I advice joining a forum group or taking advice from an expert to your specific breed. As far as meat goes it must be lean and fresh and not marinaded, salty, spicey etc. So stick to plain chicken/turkey/fish but only occasionally, do not base the diet around this! A parrot doesn't need meat just like a human doesn't need meat, but it does need protein and calcium which can also be obtained from nuts and seeds if you choose not to feed your parrot meat. Again the volumes and balance depends on your breed and it's age. A chicken bone is great for the parrot to work it's beak on and optain calcium in the same way as a cuttlefish is. As with any fresh food i.e fruits and veggies, remember to clear away anything not eaten at the end of the day. If you are saying sadistic in that it is like cannibalism, it is not. i.e. like us eating goat or pig meat. But chicken is better because it is leaner, you don't want a fat parrot. That would be sadistic.

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