• My first husband cheated and I never gave it a second thought on wheter I wanted to try to work through way! No matter how much I did love him ,he obviously didn't love me enough. My opinion only, I don't give second chances for cheating. I have been married for 32 years now and he's pretty clear on what would go down if that happened.
  • To me, it depends on the man humans have flaws I understand and I believe that man are under a tremendous amount of temptation its the old garden of eden thing you know However, some people are just plain old selfish, and disrespectful.. My husband had been after me since we were teenagers. I lived in a small community and the ratio of women to men was sickening, so I tried to abstain from sex until after puberty and I moved away Meanwhile he sowed his oats and had a bad reputation His beef with me was I was one of the few women that said no to him His revenge he waited till I came home from the military,was rehabilitating from a car crash and started writing me ove letters, sending his little cousins over to check on me, dropping by, and introducing me to his folks. all these gestures was cute and romantic, all caught up in childhood infatuation. I married him three years later He honey mooned me for a week and then left me and went back to sleeping around all of that was revenge, his ego not to mention he been in trouble with the police and my dad was a cop not to mention he converted to Islam and my dad was a preacher I had it all coming to me just for being born we are like the montagues and capulets family klans that attack each other, marrying one another is just another form of attack Trust isn't even an option for me, because I know my soon to be ex is my enemy By taking out all doubt, I know how to get out Now my boyfriend on the other hand is the sweetest man I ever met, he doesn't aggravate me for the heck of it.
  • all depends on the 'offended'....if they can trully forgive, move on, put it past....but no other way.....not survive in a 'good' way ,that is....
  • Yes as long as their is enough love and commitment and you don't hold marriage in general to be defined by sexual exclusivity. As long as I know I am #1 in his affections as I know he is in mine.

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