• No. It's not hot enough. The coffee would have to be at or above 140 degrees in your stomach to kill the bacteria. Your coffee might be hotter than that in the cup, but you don't swallow the whole cup at that temperature. If you did, you would burn your lips, tongue, mouth, throat, and so on. Your last concern would be the beneficial bacteria in your stomach. Rather, you sip small quantities of hot coffee and cool it in your mouth and by the sipping process, and the coffee is well below 140 by the time it reaches your stomach.
  • No. Coffee won’t do the damage but chlorinated tap water used to make the coffee may cancel some of the benefits of yogurt.
  • The coffee won't kill the bacteria, but your stomach acids will! Here is an excerpt from: "It is often difficult to obtain beneficial bacteria in foods alone. And even if live bacteria are present, you'd have to eat a lot of yogurt to consume enough bacteria to achieve an effect, especially considering the following: - Due to pasteurization, most popular brands of yogurt do not contain live cultures. - Laboratory tests of various cultured milk products have shown that the bacterial strains that are supposed to be there often are not present or are present in very low levels. - Cooked foods do not contain live organisms. All cultured dairy products should be eaten raw to take advantage of any probiotic benefits. - Beneficial bacteria cannot survive the acidic environment of the stomach. Therefore few live organisms make it to the intestines to exert their beneficial effects." If you're looking for the beneficial effects of the bacterial that's found in yogurt, try enteric coated acidophilus tablets. This is the advice my doctor gave me, but you might want to seek the advice of your health care provider as you and I probably have different medical profiles. Below is a link to information about this OTC treatment: As with any medical treatment you're considering, please seek the advice of a health care professional :-)

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