• Definately not home! i have rented for 16 yrs now and am tired of not being able to call it home because its not with a moth eaten clothed landlord stuck in the 70's breathing down my neck!
  • It was a house when we first moved in, before all the furniture and personal effects came in. At that point it's just an empty shell providing shelter. As soon as you imbue it with your own personailities, with decorations, furniture, ornaments and signs that you live there, it becomes a home in my opinion. And it becomes a good home when you can leave it and have lots of good memories of times within those walls.
  • Its a home and i love it.
  • Home is where the heart and I gave my heart to this place about 3 years ago. We are still building it and it's been a home to us since we set the first log to the last log and even more so as we finish and add those personal things that make it just ours. I think I felt like "at home" even before we made the foundation. Just walking this land and I felt like this will be home. I want to move here and start over in these woods. I will love these woods and stay here forever if possible. First photo: Home on a truck...well, one of three trucks:-) Second photo: first few logs up. Third photo: coming along with the porch and balcony. Fourth photo: Some things that really make it home.
  • My previous house was just that, but the one I own now is a home. I've been in it for a little over a year and am slowly making it my own - from little things like furniture/decor, to painting and renovating. I can feel the difference between the two houses...I love coming home to this house and hate leaving it. :-)
  • I consider it an apartment. It's home.
  • Just a house, it was never intended to be a permanent home. Being here alone it never will be a home just a place to live and store stuff while I am here.
  • I like to say, you buy a house but you make a home. It's not the things you put in the house, but the love thats put into the house that truly makes it a home. A person could live in a tent but if there is love within the tent, then it is a home
  • Definitely a home, so much so that we plan to buy it within the next 2 years (we're renting now). Never felt this way about any house before.
  • oops, was a comment :p
  • I am English so it is my castle!
  • In front of my mum my home is Slovakia, the village where i was brought up, but I feel that my home is UK as I have been living here for past 7 years (mum would be upsad to know how I feel) Its is a room in the house and a home two in one! ;o)
  • A house is a building with plumbing, wires and other amenities. Your home is the place where you belong, where you find people that love you. That could be a million dollar mansion or the humblest of shacks...
  • Nope... It's a run down apartment place of sorts... and my fathers home is my home still... He lives at the coast...
  • a house, my home has yet to be determined.
  • I consider the house I live in both a house and a home.

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