• No - I feel "naked" and insecure without my seatbelt on when I drive or am a passenger. I've known quite a few people who have received a ticket for no seatbelt - I heard it's an expensive ticket here in Texas and goes up everytime you are caught without one on.
  • I actually have, which is ridiculous because I was wearing my seatbelt at the time the cop pulled me over - but I had to unfasten it to reach across the car to the glove compartment and retrieve my registration. I am pretty sure the cop saw this, as he was standing at the window, but he wrote me a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt anyway.
  • No, but my boyfriend has. Cost us a whopping $12.
  • Yes. $20 ish Very annoying. I jumped in my car to go one block & didn't bother. How did I know that that was the site of lots of accidents? so motorcycle cops were staking it out??
  • No. I always wear my seatbelt in other peoples cars and I won't drive unless everybody in my car is belted up.
  • Yes, I got in the car to move it two blocks. It cost me close to $100. yes, the cop did act like a bit a**hole.
  • No. I have pulled out of a parking garage without my seatbelt, but before I am 2 blocks down the road, it is on. Back in the early 80’s I had a commander on my old Air Base that would stand at the guard shack each morning. He could look right down into your car. If he saw you without a seat belt, he had the security police pull you over. He would then send a letter to your squadron commander asking HIM why you were not wearing a seat belt. If he caught you a second time, you were given a letter of reprimand. That got me wearing a seat belt.
  • No I haven't. I'm sure my time will come. I'm not consistent with wearing my seatbelt. I hate them. My tends to rub my neck and cause irritation. Usually when I do wear it, I wear it improperly. Wearing your seatbelt improperly can still garner you a ticket.
  • No. I wear my seatbelt. It's a habit that's hard for me to break.
  • Yes I have and it's total unjust! I have a right to MY LIFE and all it entails, which, incidentally, includes the right to decide how safe I choose to be or NOT be. I am not a ward of the state, state property, or any other mechanism in the fascist machine that the U.S. has become. If unsafe behavior is the warrant for stealing someone's hard EARNED money, then all fast food establishments, tobacco manufactures, gambling institutions, tanning bed venues, liquor distributors and all other market participants that produce products or provide service that MAY POTENTIALLY cause harm to someone should have all their assets usurped and be shut down immediately! The citizens of this nation need to WAKE UP, read their history books and reclaim their individual rights, upon which this country was founded! Jefferson would be sick if could observe the illogical, immoral and unjustified stance that our government has taken against it's own citizens!
  • yes... i feel like an idiot for paying it too... i wish i would have just taken the jail time
  • I have received a ticket twice,and almost another 2 times.I find it uncomfortable and do not wear it,and only pretend to have it on when passing a police car.I feel it is my business if I choose to wear one or not.
  • Yes, once..
  • Yes. I got one.
  • when i was a kid about 8, i gave my dad a ticket for no seatbelt.

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