• There is no calendar control built-in to VB6, sorry. If you have Microsoft Office Pro or Access installed, there is a calendar control included with those programs which you can also use in Visual Basic. The control itself is available on the following web site, although I suspect the distribution rights aren't being studied closely here: Once you have this control (or any control) installed on your computer, you can add it to your form by right-clicking on the toolbox and choosing "Components", then scroll down to the "Microsoft Calendar Control {version}" entry, check the box, and click OK. That will add it to your toolbox, where it can be dropped on the form like any other control. If you google "VB6 Calendar controls", you'll probably find other calendar controls that don't have the licensing risk associated with this one.
  • Hey go to Project->components and from here select Microsoft calendar control 12 and then add calendar in your application.

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