• It's their decision.
  • I guess it only matters if you can tell. I would say that they are sloppy and loose. They don't really care. I wouldn't purposely stay away from them, because they aren't bad people. Just value life differently...
  • Pretty good, unless it's one of those sixty year old mothers who can breast feed and walk her baby in the stroller at the same time;)
  • Nothing. If they choose to wear some or not it's their choice. Why would I feel anything about it?
  • I like them almost as much as women who don't wear bras or tops in public.
  • Their is nothing wrong with woman who dont wear bras.
    • Nosmo King
      "Their is nothing"? How can a word like "their" be followed by a verb? Your answer doesn't make sense.
  • Well... are they wearing a halter/tube/backless top? In that case, it's essential to the outfit, so who cares? If they're wearing a wifebeater and torn jeans, or old, stained sweats... there's an issue of trashiness that needs to be addressed. However, I get REALLY pissed when I see young, overdeveloped teenagers walking around with their moms with no bra on. It's as bad as the ten-year-olds you see nowadays dressed like little whores. And people wonder why their children are raped and murdered by crazed pedophiles.
    • Nosmo King
      What sort of a person are you? Just because you see young, overdeveloped teenagers walking around with their moms with no bra on, that is hardly an excuse to get drunk and then using nasty words like "whores", is it? I hope you get banned from public places if that's how you behave. And then you have the cheek to pass the blame onto parents for what some twisted psycho has done? Jeez, you are unbelievable!
  • Personally I LOVE the Idea. realistically; its up to the women, ( its their body and their choice.) IF IT WAS MY DAUGHTER ...Sigh.. Id have to say something, but, she is old enough to make he own decisions.
  • I like them They seem SMART
  • Hmmm. I think it's better if we nip that subject in the bud : )
  • It depends on what they are wearing.
  • good for them? i do it too sometimes. sometimes i feel like shredding all my bras, or burning them.
  • Personal decision. Some look fine with - others don't. I try to look better if I can. Others have different ideas about what looks good or don't care about how they look, have other priorities, or self-esteem issues.
  • Depends on the shape of the woman and the style of the clothing. Some women can get away with it. Others look awful. But then, some women look awful no matter what, so, it's up to the individual.
    • Nosmo King
  • I don't feel anything. Each to their own.
  • I don't wear a bra ever and I'll tell you why. I think they sqish too much which can lead to breast cancer in my opinion. I also breastfeed and find that wearing a bra decreases my milk supply. But mostly, I find them unhealthy.
    • Thinker
      You are a very smart woman! It is proven wearing a bra greatly increases the chances of breast cancer. Should a woman wear a bra 24/7 she has a 3 in 4 chance of breast cancer. The chances greatly increase should a woman wear a bra over 12 hours per day. It is also proven breast feeding greatly reduces the chances for breast cancer. Children should self ween occurring between 2.7 to 5 years of age. Breast feeding should continue until at least 24 months. Go see 007b you know the rest for very good information.
    • Linda Joy
      there's no proven link between bras and breast cancer.
  • What a question? Does it really matter to anyone other than the individual woman?
  • They're great, especially on a cold day
  • i like it.
  • neh, its wierd... and if they do it for a long period of time consistently... they'll have saggy breasts.
    • Nosmo King
      Is there a smell of fish in the air, or has someone spelled "weird" with the letters in the wrong order again?
  • I don't care, and I don't think it is any of my business.
  • I feel exactly the same way about them as I do about men who don't wear bras.
  • Whether they're pert pretty boobs or look more like love handles, it's entriely up to them... Who am I to say? It's like fat women in bikinis, or gorgeous tarts in miniskirts and boob tubes in winter... you may look at it negatively, but it's their body they can do whatever they like, and if it's something you personally wouldn't do, then admire their confidence; if you still think negatively about it, then just make sure you don't speak your opinions and offend anyone x
    • Nosmo King
      What about calling women "tarts"? I find that offensive.
  • Shee needs therapy
  • Gra(tit)ude?
    • Nosmo King
  • I don't mind.
  • mmmmm yummy !!
  • Indifference... an opinion not shared by gravity.
    • Thinker
      Bras cause sagging because they make the ligaments weak that hold the breast up thus causing sagging.
  • I say turn down the thermostat.
  • I like it. Let the women feel more comfortable without it.
  • I feel udderly unmoved.
  • Nothing. Why would I care?
  • People should be allowed to dress how they want. I find it offensive that men are allowed to walk around in public topless and women aren't.
    • Sammy
      Good point. Breast is not a sex issue it only sex to the perverts. Just like breast feeding in public, so what. That change in areas about women and girls have to wear something on their chest. Women and girls are learning they at home or at some public places they can be bare on the chest. Girls are swimming in the pool, lake, river, ocean with not tops. Their chest is bare like boys. Another subject with this is that girls can pee like boys if they what to.
    • Nosmo King
      Excellent answer, Halskiisaklink.
    • ARTICFOX700
      First off that is not an excellent answer Excuse my grammar king however we need rules in this country this is the reason it's in the condition it is. Second allowing a woman to walk topless is not the same as a man. If he were to be bottomless that would be an equal comparsion however you do not see that do you?
  • Nothing really, it's up to them
  • enlightend, up lifted, free as a bird.
  • You can get arrested for feeling about a woman who isn't wearing a bra in public.
  • Fine, with some small strappy t shirts bra straps showing just look tacky. I very often do not wear a bra, with some clothes it is impossible.
  • It doesnt matter whether u wear a bra or not. How is someone gonna know in public unless you walk around naked? If you wear shirt, jumper etc. no one will know even t-shirt. I for one never wear bras, it can cause cancer .
  • Fantastic!
  • I feel like they are much more comfortable than I am.
  • It's their choice.
  • It is their body and they can do as they please. If they are doing it to get sexual attention it is their choice, equaly such a woman would be putting less emphisis upon her breasts than a woman in a push up bra. If it is because it is more comfortable, their choice. Some women find it more comfortable, some less. I personally have gone without a bra when my top and bra were soaked though and borrowed a friends top that was then getting soaked by my bra. I found it increadably liberating but then again equally irratating due to being unable to run and having an obvious and emmbarrasing nipple errection. Wearing a bra reduces the strain upon the muscels above your breasts which keep them purt and so could be argued to be benifitial to women. Although most women's bras do not fit, which is definatly not benifitial and none wired bras can be uncomfortable but wired ones can deform still developing breasts. Is not wearing a bra any worse than sqeezing your breasts into a push up bra with padding and half of Irlands potatoes down your top? In todays society the body has become something to be feared in its natural form, to only be respected in a sexual sense and yet an unadultered body is not considered to be sexual. i think to not wear a bra is entirly the womans choice it is her body. I think the fact that this question can be posed and is indeed a very valid question throws the light on to todays society and how we view ourselves rather than whether or not we wear enough underwear.
  • To each his own but I think it looks disgusting and sloppy
  • its actually pretty ugly...bcaz women with big boobs and no bra just so nasty looks like their twins (boobs)r fighting each other...i, myself, cannot in the world go out without a bra...i hardly sleep without it ;)
  • Doesn't bother me. After I had my boob job (lift, not made huge) I was able to wear those nice shirts that you pretty much can't wear a bra with because they were nice and up there. I didn't wear them often or anything, but it was nice to be able to do it. I wouldn't if I were being active or anything though.
  • Jiggly. :-)
  • i think its hot. sometimes erection causing hot
  • I believe it's a personal choice thing & none of my business.
  • i think its absolutely okay. sometimes its hard to have one on its uncomfortable with one on.
  • I dont wear a bra myself.. And find it amusing how I get tastefull looks from men, n sniggers from women. Its like women find it insulting. I think each to there own..whos ses we have to wear bras... noone. so the choice is yours. Do however consider situations n environments you may be entering before going braless, thankyou.)
  • Depends on the boobs, I think. As a male I have seen braless women who looked nice and a bit sexy,...and I have also seen them either looking like a crack whore or a slob. The bigger the boobs, the harder it is for them to look good braless, I think. especially after the age of thirty.
  • I don't feel one way or another about it, if they don't want to wear a bra, then they don't have to, it's entirely up to them :)
  • If she is attractive Ec likes yo...;)
  • I think it really looks tacky, but I've done it myself from time to time if I have to run out for something quick. It does seem that the women who have had breast implants do look better and sometimes you can't tell they don't have a bra on. All in all, it's always a good idea to wear a bra in public.
  • They have my full support.
  • Personnally its up to the individual if they wish to wear a bra then cool if they dont wish to wear a bra tghen cool, it nothing to do with me, its just like going abroad and seeing topless women on the beach no diference really.
  • As a guy, I feel pretty good about it, or, at the very least, I'm neutral. It's their decision. But I do know that women with larger breasts usually really need bras, for their own support, or they can end up in pain if they have to do a lot of walking around, or especially hiking or running. I know it's not the same thing, but when I have to do anything like that, I want a tighter support "down there", rather than a loose pair of boxers, or I'll be sore.
  • to awnser the question one has to ask themselfes if they were in the position would the like it if the were made to change or put something on. I belive that it is the persons right to choose what they do or do not do. if someone does not want to put on a bre that is their decision. it does not bother me one way or the other .it may bother someone at somepoint but it does not matter if you look like you fell from heven and are a goddes or if they hang down around your ankles every one is beautiful in their own way. there is beauty in everything and you just have to look and you will see it sooner or latter. i say hats off to thoes of people that are willing to let it all out and be diffrent from the rest of the population. by not wearing or wearing one does no make yo ua bad person or that you are weird, wrong, or nasty in anyway you are just being you and being comforitable with who you are and feeling free enough. and on a final not as i have been told and this goes for all thoes who would be negative and say something and try and make you feel bad about your choice, AN OPINION IS LIKE A BUTT WHOLE EVERYONE HAS ONE AND THEY ALL STINK. so go on and be free to be yourself and do not care or bothere with what others have to say.
  • I am one of those women. Wearing a bra is a drag. I wear one if I'm out with my kids or doing errands that require going into public buildings. During the day, at home, or darting out to a girlfriends house in the hood,or going to the beach to walk, I don't worry about it. If someone takes a second look, SO WHAT...............
  • I don't like having to look at matter what it looks like (young, old, perky, flat, etc.) I wish women would dress more respectably and save all the sexy crap for the clubs, parties or bedroom.
  • I think that bras are there for support and asthetics in larger busted women, and for asthetics in smaller busted women. As a larger busted woman, I haven't ever been able to get away with it, although I've worn some pretty flimsy bras when I'm in my PJ's running to the corner store. I admit, I'm envious of those who don't need to throw more than a tee on before running out the door. I think if you have the smaller, youthful breasts, you can get away with it. More power to you.
  • i think its sexy and there r many men who would go home hard after looking at you.if you have a good pair flirt away.
  • I would'nt do it but more power to ya
  • I guess the thought that ran in my brain when reading that question was a woman with an unsightly breasts. The kind that hang down to her waist wairing a dirty tight shirt! Yucky...Eeeeeeew! Shelly
    • Nosmo King
      It's "wearing", not "wairing". Since when has there been any such word as "wairing"?
  • It would only look good on a pretty young girl and not on a middle aged woman. If the girl with the right kind of breast texture does it, it could look nice and perky, otherwise, for the looks, I would advice against it.
  • I try to avoid looking. Frankly it grosses me out, and if I were the person, I wouldn't appreciate being stared at. Unless they act like it was intentional.
  • If you're flat enough to not need them, that's fine, but if you need to hold your girls in place (like me) then wear a bra.
  • Not a fan.
  • I don't feel anything about them. It doesn't bother me what people wear or don't wear :)
  • i myself never leave the house without a bra on. but when i see women with large breasts with no bra on it just looks bad. i think "go buy a bra",it just looks cheap and trashy.
  • come on, they've only been around since the 1920's, the female body has been around for several millenia; do you seriously even think we need them?
  • Well its not very comfy- and it's all about comfort.
  • Women shouldn't have to be made to feel like they MUST wear bras in public, (unless their breasts are hanging down to their knees, of course). Some women think they need to wear bras because they have prominent nipples but that is just silly.
  • I don't care. But they absolute sluts, that's for sure.
  • Hmm... well that depends. If she's not overly sagging or anything like that, then I don't really mind. Its their choice, isn't it? But those women who don't wear bras and their boobs hang way down, thats when I have a problem with it.
  • It depends... if her tits can be confused with her knees or there is a possibility that she may trip over them, then she probably needs to be wearing one. Otherwise, do whatever makes you happy.
  • Oh I have seen some huge boobs where the woman goes without a bra, I imagine it is because it uncomfortable, but why do they have to make the public sick! it's gross!
  • Depends on how the woman looks and what she's wearing.
  • Personally I could not go without wearing a bra for a length of time it just doesn't feel right, but to the women who choose to do so good for them.
  • I don't really care, as long as her nipples aren't too apparent.
  • I say its all up to them, but expect some looks if you aren't going to wear one. And let me just say.... If you work in a public place where your chest comes in contact with people's bodies, it might be a good idea to strap those puppies in! Two weeks ago I got my hair cut and the lady that cut my hair wasn't wearing a bra. Everytime she reached to comb or cut my hair, her boob kept slapping me on the shoulder. It was torture when she was cutting the front!
  • it's cool
  • Two thumbs up
  • The woman's body, the woman's choice to wear a bra or not. It's really not up to me to impose my opinions on anyone else's body.
  • There should be more of it.
  • Well, I think it is a personal choice on the woman's part. I always wear a bra out because I do not like cold nipples.
  • I have a woman friend in her late thirties who had to have both breasts removed. She had reconstruction, but decided to forego fake nipples. Her implants are firm enough she no longer needs a bra. She's comfortable with that, and so am I.
  • It depends on the size of your breasts. I have a few friends who are quite small, and can get away without wearing a bra. If you have a bigger chest though, it's uncomfortable not to wear a bra, not to mention the movement factor...
  • Good: Comfort, freedom for boobs. Bad: Droopy, saggy boobs that are sometimes down to the ankles.
  • ripping that thing off at the end of the day a good thing!....but going around without one, no support, constantly, is definitely not a way to take care of breasts and the breakdown that is NORMAL without it....the breasts muscles and tissue are very sensitive and broken down fast ,especially in motherhood(breastfeeding does take a TOLL on the breasts) much less running and walking with never support or protection of muscles....thats a bad thing!
  • Good for the guys, bad for the girls. At least during the daytime.
  • I think it's kind of gross when women don't wear bras in public. I'm not talking about the A cups and maybe even the B cups. But the Cs and the Ds, and bigger... it's just not pretty. I wouldn't be able to go out without one on. +3
  • I think it looks much better if women wear bras (with the excpetion of a few outfits which do not allow for them, or very small chest sizes that can get away without). It looks pretty trashy otherwise. Besides, who really wants to walk around without support? I know I wouldn't =)
  • Really bad in professional environments...distracts too much from the money making schemes I have to plot!
  • I'm a huge fan of women who don't wear bras in public. I wish that every day was like that everywhere
  • The 70's are over.. Time to get back to work.
  • Good for them. . . . . . . . .bad for their BOOBS! Really bad!
  • If they stand up and are proud, let 'em.
  • I don't think I'd want to wear one. It sounds uncomfortable. (But I wouldn't want to jog without one!)

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