• If you know his parents address, then you have an address for your husband. Once a process server go knocking on their door for them, they will gladly send him in the right direction or the process server will wait until your husband comes for a vist. In the meantime go to the legal dept. on base and fill out a power of attorney form, make a will stating who should get what and make several copies for your family (parents, friends, atty. & yourself.
  • You can't get a divorce in a month. Sorry.
  • If you don't have an address for your spouse, you can put a legal notice in the newspaper where they live. Talk to an attorney, and let them know you want to file for divorce but your spouse won't provide an address for you to send the paperwork. They can arrange for the order of publication and the newspaper ad. Your spouse will be given a certain amount of time to respond, and if they don't, then you should be awarded an uncontested divroce.

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