• Some Equipment Items will give you a little more HP. But only if you've equipped them. For example (this isn't accurate according to the name it's just an example) Raven's Claw might give you more raise your defense and slightly raise your HP.
  • Sora atleast in my game and he is at max level (100) only has 96 HP and 11MP i do not think he can get higher HP than that, so dont try increasing it once you are there. However i found several accesories that increase his HP stat prior to this here is a list of the accesories that will do it : Energy bangle Angel bangle Brave warrior Omega arts Heartguard Crystal crown Gaia Bangle Ray of Light Some of these accesories can be synthesised while others like the Brave Warrior are accquired through the game.
  • no, but get his hp at max anyway and then equip him with crystal crowns that you can synthesise, these are the best items to attach to any character as they raise most stats as well as hp

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