• What were you doing that was so "lewd"? I doubt it can be shortened if it is something legitimately inappropriate.
  • It doesn't matter what you were doing, by signing you may have accepted what they said. You sign agreement to no trespassing which is a misdemeanor before the police and that is binding. It depends on your age, the description of what happened and what exactly is in that document you signed. If underage and no parents present it may be illegal. If there was a report did you ever get a copy of the report or the document that you signed? Too many things to consider. I am not an attorney but if you want to see if can be shorten contact an attorney. Look for one that doesn't charge for first visit. If it was illegal what they did you could have suit, but how long ago was this.
  • Disgusting
  • why would you want to return to an establishment that falsely accused you of public lewdness? find another place to shop, and behave yourself next time!
  • Your signed paper is a legal and binding contract between you and the mall. This means that if you just appear at that mall again, you will be arrested for trespassing. Stay away.

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