• id probably pretend as if i dont know to save him/her from embarrasement and be normal with him/her
  • I was a Senior in High School and we went to the beach for Senior "skip day" and a boy jumped in the shallow water and broke his neck. He returned much later that year and had to wear them, and he was in a wheelchair. It was very sad and made a major impression on all of us. I still see where High Schoolers are drinking and driving and they are killed or maimed for life it's tragic. When you are young, you really do think you are invincible.
  • Had a classmate who had a kidney problem, don't think she wore a diaper, but she wet the bed so she smelled like piss constantly. We usually tried to be busy when she wanted us to come over to her (piss-smelling) room and play. I feel okay being callous about her because she got over it and <strike> got popular</strike> became a cheerleader and was really only nice to people in her tight circle of friends. You'd think she'd have a spot of sympathy for other people in the school with problems, but noooo.
  • I actually wore diaper all through school. alot of people found out along the way. I had a bladder issue. I had a teacher in 1-4th grade that when i wet and needed changeing would take me to to teachers restrooms witch very small and witha door that locked and change me. in middle school i would have to go tho the nursees office and she would change me and had diapers there. In high school i wore pullups but thay leaked so i often had to change clothes at school.
  • I didn't know any. What I can't believe is that now teachers tell me that kids do not have to be potty trained to go to Kindergarten. I really don't think this is something a regular classroom teacher should have to deal with. Of course there are always exceptions and if it's physically impossible then other arrangements should be made.

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