• As a fellow male, and a fellow boob guy, I hear that the breast fascination goes back to when you were a wee little baby. If your mother didn't breast feed you (at all, or very little) you have this subconscious liking of all things round and fleshy. Don't know if this theory is true or not, but it does explain somethings.
  • It's just the way men (okok straight men I don't wanna get into a debate about that) are wired.
  • Males are genetically disposed to look for a female who will be able to produce their offspring and provide for them. Traits that would be considered preferable are wide "child-bearing" hips, and large breasts to feed their babies. The same goes for women's preferences in men's bodies- an ideal man is one who can hunt, and can fight to defend his family. So women prefer men who are tall, strong, and muscular.
  • men need something to play with, and breasts are the best thing to play with, what is the next thing you think about playing with if there are no breasts around? think again
  • you love breasts because they nourished you when you were an infant
  • It seems that the male fascination with breasts starts at an early age, as my six year old son is forever looking and trying to snuggle up to my chest, where as my daughter does not at all. He obviously doesnt know anything about sex and is not subjected to any sexual images so assume it must just be instinctive.
  • For my part, it’s primarily my wife’s breasts that fascinate me, and I expect it’s primarily because they’re an erogenous zone and I know how much she loves it when I touch them.
  • We like breasts because we like women. We like all the ways women look different from men. Don't overthink it, you'll burst your cortex.
  • well, i think freud might have been right. boobs nurture you when you're young, you get the pleasurable feeling of being full from them when you're a baby. so i guess it carries over into your adult life. why they're sexually attractove? idk. i love em though.
  • This I think is because we have to "look" for them. It is kinda' when you were a kid. your best friend kept a secret from you. You try as hard as you can to find out. when you do it is no big deal anymore. this is a more dramatic situation. Nudist men,still attracted to breasts, aren't attracted to them like we are because they see them their whole life.
  • Because breasts are beautiful..... if your answers are correct, why are some women obsessed with the male anatomy?
  • Breasts are soft and feel good to touch..
  • From a beauty-in-design perspective, curves do a lot to make a body appealing -- whether the curves are on a hot woman or a hot car. :-)
  • 1-21-2017 It's because you are an American. In most other countries, men just don't understand why an American man would be interested in a woman's chest.

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