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  • No, there aren't any "drug free" products out there that actually work. The only thing you can do is wait at least 30 days for the THC levels to drop in your system. Producing sweat and drinking lots of water helps speed that process up.
  • Don't pay attention to the people out there that hate on niacin. I have used it several times to pass pre-employment drug screens and have always passed. When buying it, make sure to get the regular kind, the one that flushes your skin because the non-flushing kind I've heard doesn't work. The last time I had to take a test I only stopped smoking for 5 days. I took 4 250mg pills a day-2 in the morning and 2 at night and drank nothing but water. I passed. I am pretty active and average weight. People not as active want to become active at least before their test to help flush the system of toxins. Niacin does help to flush your system but it's not guareenteed. And haters, stop hating on weed smokers! There is nothing wrong with it besides the fact that our government has made it illegal because long ago they tried to protect the sawmill employees from losing their jobs due to hemp use. People used to use hemp for paper in books and for rope because it's natural and saves trees. The feds just don't want to make it legal because they don't want to look stupid for spending billions on "the war on drugs". Watch the History Channel, I actually know what I'm talking about. Alcohol does way more damage to the body and brain, as well as damage to others than any amount of weed but it's legal for some reason. :)
  • the 30 days for it to leave your system is bull shit unless you do nothing and arent active. Drink 2-3 gallons and piss as much as you can. sit in your shower with the hot water on all the way and just sweat all the thc out. excersice cant hurt too. but niacin and cranberry pills are verry effective. i have been on probation for 9 months and i can beat the system. trust me.
  • Idiots!! It all depends on how much you smoke, your body, and how active you are. It's well known.. thc is stored in fat cells. You can drink all the water you want. Sit in hot water till you cook. And take all the niacin in the world. It wont do shit!!! You need to burn fat and lower your calorie intake as low as you can. Niacin detoxes your body. That bein said it's not gonna happen over night. Im all for smokin weed. But any moron that smokes knowin they got a test comming up is stupid. If you didn't know your test was commin.... good luck to ya! I hope ya pass but don't get your hopes up. If you wanna be sure to pass your test it's easy. DON'T SMOKE!!! I used to love smokin weed but push come to shove there are more important things in life. 1 time getting busted, fined, a record, and everything else that happens will make it not worth it. Until it becomes legal grow up and get a life. However I agree. Alcohol is a lot worse then weed. Someone get that shit legalized!!!!
  • I wouldn't worry about your niacin level. The test is actually for antibodies to THC, so when you test, if you have been plumbimg, as it used to be called, drinking lots of water, for the last 24 hours. The antibody level will be low because you flushed them all out. If you have more than a week before your test, sit in the sauna for 30 mins at a time, and then drink more water. For a total of 120 minutes of sauna time a day. For as long as possible. Hopefully a week.
  • Just another chance at hope....What you need to do is firts, ignore the haters...and te think a little scientific. Niacin opens your small blood vessles that thc travles through to leave your body. Naturally, those vessles are so small that thc passes through in a single file line. THC is stored in your fat tissues in your body and in your organs. Exercising will help you lose fat; so that means thc also. Water helps flush out your system because of the oxygen properties that G-D provided. So... take the niacin, exercise, and drink water and you will speed the process. How long... that depends on such factors like weight, age(metabilsm), exercising,at least 2 weeks, and how much you've been cheifing homie. If you can get your hands on some creating while exercising...use it. Don't worry, I've produced college "A" papers with info that I'm feeding when I say that creatine is in your body naturally and don't take the full recommended dose if you don't want to get buff! Creatine can also be obtained through steak,chicken and pork. Let me know if you read this , to inform you when I figure out how cranberry products work; Docs say it prevents E Coli, some cancers, and vascular diseases(but its the process in our body I'm searching for!) Good Luck!!!! Just a Graduate Student that happens to cheif!
  • i love weed first off. just thought i should let all you haters know. i took 5 niacin a night for two nights and drank water and cranberry juice. shit works fool so all you haters need to stop hating and smoke a bowl or 10 and then call me and tell me if it didnt change your mind on the legalization part. weedaholic...
  • i took 100 500mg in 1and a halfdays and passed my drug test
  • if you have never taken nicain before, good luck.....
  • i dont know how it works but but all i can say is I learn from experience. I used to be drug tested regularly at a methodone clinic and am now being tested by a doc for suboxon. I can tell you the safest way is to stop but, its not the only way to pass a piss test. These people think they know it all but ill tell you now . . . lots of water works or any clear drink without processed sugar. Niacin works. THC can leave a lean healthy person's system in a matter of a week. give or take. And I've had alot of people say that if you use another persons piss it has to be someone of the same sex. WRONG I've used my grandmothers piss at LABCORE and fooled them multiple times. I dont know where these people get this stuff but this is coming from someone who REALLY knows and has done them. What i dont recomend is over the counter pee cleaners or should i say over the counter BS. The only thing that makes them work is the water you drink with it and that is free the last time i checked. They might have herbs in them that promote a high metabolism but so do 1 a day vitamins. This is true anything that argues my statement is not.
  • If I haven't smoked in five months and am clean from rehab, and just took three puffs of weed, and have 10 days to pass my drug test, how could i do this? Niacin?

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