• That way if one nostril is clogged you can still breathe.
  • Good question but without investigation I can see that the "two nostril thing" is very common in visible animals so there must have been some natural selection (a la Darwin) that created a branch of animals with 2 nostrils in which we are part (as monkeys, dogs, cats, deers... I can only remember mammals but there must be other kinds of animals with 2 nostrils)... Just to say that the question is very difficult to answer accurately and it can only be speculated with fossils and such and combination of eras.
  • Serious Answer: No idea. Humorous answer: Coz we have two lungs.(With only one nostril, the other lung gets suffocated without air)
  • simply because the god wanted humans to have 2 nosetrils (god do anything , can do anything and he's the 1 who created you )
  • i think the answer is we would look pretty strange with 3
  • I'd say so there's more surface area on the inside for hairs to grow out of and catch the dusty bits you breath in and filter the air... If we only had one big one there wouldnt be as many places for hairs to grow from and so the filter would be less effective meaning we'd breathe in all the crap in the air... We need a fair sized hole (haha) to breathe in enough air, but we need an adequate filter, so there's two holes with more hairs to sieve the air.... hmm ah well, thats what i reckon. x
  • in case one gets stuffed up?
  • To allow the human finger to fit perfectly into one.
  • The reason we have two nostrils is the same as why we have two eyes or two ears. Because they work as separate functions they help us locate objects in space. Much like you can tell if a sound is on your right or left side you can tell if a scent is stronger on your right or left side. This is important in evolution because you would want to move away from smells of danger like sulfur or a skunk or whatever. Research: The video below is a part of a larger study that proves the above though I can't seem to find the full version, though you can see the person moves back and fourth over the line judging which side the scent is on. - I will keep looking for the better video.
  • Good question. Actually, we use one nostril to breathe.In the morning we take breathe through the left nostril and in the evening (after sun set) we take breathe through right nostril.Its a natural way of breathing managed by our body itself.
  • Why do we have two arms, two eyes, two lungs, two kidneys, two legs? There is a clear division in our body and spiritually speaking one side is considered to be the manifestation of feminine, the other, of masculine energy. If these two sides are balanced, it shows in the body (posture, health), if not, it also clearly shows.
  • How else would the nose ring fit ?
  • If one gets stopped up you can still breathe.
  • For directionality- so your brain can quickly determine the direction of the source of the scent.

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