• Select the entire area you want to sort
  • If you select column's A, B, C, and D, then choose Data -> Sort, and sort by column a, the data in columns b, c, and d will go with it. If you need more help with this, send an email to lee --a t - and I'll take a look at it
  • You don't need to do anything, just select a cell in the column by which you want to sort and click the Sort button, or the Data... Sort menu item to give more control. See the two screen shots to see it in action.
  • By default, Excel will sort all cells in the "contiguous range", whether or not it is selected. So if you have data in columns A-D and few or no blank cells, then when you have a cell in that range active and go to the menu for Data / Sort, Excel will automatically assume that the entire range should be sorted. If you have blank rows or blank columns, then the sort area will not extend over those rows or columns unless you specifically and manually select that range.

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