• Television and other forms of entertainment are just escapes from reality, we all need to escape every now and then.
  • I can't speak for those who like it so I don't know but it is not entertaining to me I'd rather be learning on the Discovery or History channel.
  • It's entertaining because it has been programmed into our minds to not think outside the confinments of the T.V. Our minds slowly decay when we are spoon fed that kind of information. How much use would knowing about Paris Hilton's antics bring about?
  • low IQ
  • Virtually everything on television nowadays is rubbish. "Reality" style programming is the lowest of the low. Do you wonder why American is getting dumber if they actually accept this lowly level of programming? Sure there's always been mindless television programming, even in the earliest days of television. However, even some of that silly stuff of way back when wasn't offensive, vulgar and didn't leave you feeling like heaving a brick at your television. But today's television is a COMPLETELY different story. The networks all have a bunch of block heads running the show. All one needs to do is come up with an absolutely absurd idea and it makes it's way to the airwaves. Fortunately there are many who despise such cretinous programs. We feel insulted by the networks both cable and non cable. How demeaning is it to not have any thought engaged to release such drivel. For all the dumb-dumbs out these who savor another episode of American Idol (American Idiot), Date My Mom, or Dancing With The Stars (Dancing With The Has-beens) you all have my deepest, deepest condolences. Is there any hope?
  • maybe cause you dont have to think
  • Because people these days are entertained by almost anything.
  • probably cause you dont have to use your mind
  • It sure beats watching all the horrible things on the news. That's been a way to escape what's really going on. People have been doing that for over 60 yrs.

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