• I have the same problem, which DSL service do you have? I have to usually restart mine at least once or twice a month?
  • I am a novice on computers, but I would like to share something I have learned. I HAD windows explorer and it kept freezing and slow or my..I had so many problems with my computer. Well I have a tech guy come out and he fixed my computer by downloading Mozilla Firefox and took windows ex off and this runs faster and NO MORE freezing. Just a suggestion
  • Note the time when it stops working. Is it the same time each occasion? If it is, it may be your IP address getting renewed by your ISP
  • Do you have a long phone cord between the wall socket and the DSL modem? If so it could get interference.
  • If you're having to restart your modem that often, I would say there is probably something wrong with the modem itself or something wrong with the actual DSL service. However, the simple things you can do are to replace the phone cable with a new one and check to make sure there's no static or anything on the phone line. Make sure you have DSL filters on any phones or devices which share the DSL line. This includes things like fax machines, satellite receivers and alarm systems. If the modem was provided by your ISP, you could ask them to replace it.
  • try a new modem,other than that can you get high speed where you live? this will be better.
  • Does the "DSL" light go out or blink on the modem when the dropout occurs? Usually, the light should be on steady once the connection has been made. Check the telephone wire running from the modem to the wall jack; make sure the plastic plugs on the end are secure and the ribbon wires are not pulled away from the wire covering. Try another phone wire (almost any should work). Also check if the dsl modem is very hot; if it is covered by other things, it may not have enough air circulation. Finally, if you know how to access the setup menus on the modem, look for a "keep alive" or "timeout" setting; in some cases the connection will drop due to inactivity for a period of time.
  • i had the same problem with my netbook when i was using it, i now learned if i totally shut it down at night when im not using it it dont do that

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