• You said that you are both single parents, so you have obviously both had relationships in the past that havent worked out well, and I think that he just wants to take things slowly. There's nothing wrong with that at all, especially since you both have children. Dont be so down about it, he calls you his Girlfriend and you say that he isnt seeing anyone else. He is probably a sensitive, considerate guy who doesnt want to be hurt. (PS. just because he says he doesnt want anything super serious, doesnt mean that in time that wont happen if thats what you both want)
  • I'd say you guys are about right on track. After two months you get a sense of whether you'd like to move a relationship forward but it's too short a time to really know each other that well. It sounds as if this man is taking things at a reasonable pace. You each both have children as well, so perhaps the pace should be even more deliberate. It's been eight weeks. Give the relationship time to progress; if it's working for both of you, it will become deeper and more meaningful to you both.
  • It means exactly what he's said. He considers you his girlfriend. He isn't thinking about marriage at this point in time.
  • Nothing *nasty*. You know what I mean. Or not wanting to get married.
  • Nothing *nasty*. You know what I mean. Or not wanting to get married.
  • In my thoughts, he has a strong emotional attachment to you, and he wants you to be a part of his life, but he may no be ready to put a title on the relationship. He may not be ready for the obligations and expectations that often come with, and sometimes destroy relationships. I am currently in that situation where I'm talking with someone I am interested in...but neither of us are emotionally stable or mentally prepared for a "relationship".
  • i think the reason why he says this is because he has been hurt before he seems like a pretty loyal guy i think he just doesnt wanna put his heart out there and get it broken again
  • It means he doesn't want anything serious... You can be boyfriend/girlfriend without being serious, lul.
  • Do you just say words and not grasp their meaning? Its all spelled out for you in the question. What do you mean, "what does it mean"?
  • More than likely, he said exactly what he meant. He wants to see you and be exclusive, but he does not want anything closer because he is concerned with how the children might be affected either by a more serious relationship, or even worse, a bad break-up. If you really want to keep this man, I highly suggest you accept his position and be happy with what you have now, or you will probably end up driving him away.
  • I don't understand the confusion. What about what he said doesn't make sense? Just because he is only seeing you, doesn't mean it is super serious. He wants you to be aware of the fact that he's not planning on asking you to marry him.
  • He just doesnt want to much to happen during the first couple of months.
  • Sounds like friends with benefits.
  • You should probably ask him. Not a bunch of strangers who don't know the guy.

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