• My take on this film is as follows. It's overly long. A huge amount of material could have been cut out and the film would have a tighter plot, with less cringe-inducing speeches, unnecessary location changes and twists. The Jack Sparrow thing is already known to us. His character is excellent in the first film, but by the third we've grown used to him and he's not as refreshing and interesting as we would hope. This isn't really Depp's fault, it's just that the standards he set in the first film means that our expectations are so high that we expect to be rolling with laughter at his antics every ten seconds, and this doesn't happen. It has moments of genuine hilarity (though honestly I can't think of any off hand), and if you like the other two, you will almost certainly go and see this regardless of what you read in reviews, simply to see how the story ends. And some character interaction was suspect - if you're human and in charge of taking control of a ship feared throughout the world, manned by a crew of sea monsters with tentacles and stuff, you would be a bit scared. But no, nothing like that, and this took some of the power and mystery away from the Flying Dutchman and it's crew for me. It's a bit like having Darth Vader, the feared Dark lord of the Sith, being subserviant to mild mannered pensioner. It's not that it's a bad film, it just doesn't live up to the first one. I thought the second one suffered from similar problems (though not as much).
  • I saw it on a coach couple of weeks ago. To be honest I found the rain dribbling down the window more entertaining. I reckon once you've seen one, you've seen them all.
  • i enjoyed it lots.

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