• You won't be able to get on that plane
  • Well, you can't do anything about it. Just be easy-going like Jug and wait for the next plane. :D
  • You will have to take the next flight out to your destination and probably pay a charge.
  • I herd that they are overbooking every ones flights on the news. I dont miss flying. I almost missed my flight to hawaii before and I bought a ticket out of LAX for really cheap and drove there and with the traffic and the lines I got to the desk and they sead sorry you missed it I was almost in tears, I sead please I drove 6 hours was supose to be 4 hours but with the traffic and parking and the line was out the door before I could go thru screaning and check my bags. They sead ok but dont do it again. I learned my leson to camp out next time I fly.
  • You don't go.

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