• Actually the palms and soles will darken if they get enough sun. And there's the rub. The palms and especially soles are not usually as exposed to as much sun as other parts of your body. But that's not the sole reason for lack of the tan hand, the palms and soles have a thicker layer of dead skin to the point of callouses which block the sun light from getting to the lower levels where the melanin is. Melanin is the pigment which "tanning" causes the skin to produce as a protection from the sun. And finally there is just less melanin in the palms and soles than other parts, mostly because the palms and soles aren't usually exposed to the sun and do not need that protection. Which brings us full circle. The callous on palms and skin is developed as a protection against friction as those parts rub against things more than other parts. Which brings us semi-circle, or somewhere. So your theory is wrong, even if that seems callous on my part. And you don't wanta know which part I got callouses on, mostly from rubbing against the sun.
  • On the next sunny day take your hands out of your pockets and take your shoes off lie on your back and point your palms and the bottom of your feet towards the sun for four hours. Then you will have your answer.

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