• Actually, yes. We have mostly fresh food in our house, and so everything takes a bit of effort to prepare. If I've just gotten off work, I don't necessarily feel like making a meal, at all and I don't do fast yeah...I've skipped meals out of laziness.
  • Yes, I go in to my kitchen and I find nothing that is I want, I can buy good stuff but I always want something I dont have and I want a chinese food restraunt that has good food that cost a lot. They cook better than I do.I also love pizza take and bake but some times I think about it and I say forget it it cost too much and I think I lost my hunger by then. I say forget all of that I rather not eat like tonight I didnt eat a thing for dinner, because I was too lazy to make any thing for my self I made stuff for others but not for me I just didnt want it.
  • Too tired in which sleep had greater appeal.
  • I`m always ready to eat something tasty.
  • The day I'm too lazy to eat somebody better put a mirror under my nose to see if I'm still breathing;)
  • LOL yes that has happened a couple of times.
  • More like too lazy to fix something to eat. I can always eat if someone else fixes the meal, but if I have to do it myself, sometimes I just don't feel like it.
  • I bet people have starved to death in the household just because of laziness. The longer you put it off, the weaker you get. It starts off with someone being broke and lonely living in a dark shithole. Eating just gets put on hold. The path to languishing in procrastination and starvation is as follows: video games, TV, video games, TV, sleep, video games, TV, sleep. Ironically, your condition can deteriorate slowly even though you have the choice to pull yourself out of the situation. It's perpetual procrastination towards eating. I had one bad case of this 10 years ago when I was 20, I know someone at work would have noticed something wrong if had not have pulled myself together. I bottomed out at 59kg 184cm. Now I am 77kg, healthy and financially strong with a wife and a baby boy.
  • Oh yes, many times! It happens to me when I really lack sleep. During those times, I'd rather sleep than eat.
  • I wish, that is my most enthusiastic activity!
  • I get that way when I spend a lot of time on AB. My appetite for answering questions outweighs my appetite for food.

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