• This sounds like a clothes moth, which despite its name usually is a pantry pest since it loves grains, sugars, etc. Often you'll see a little cocoon or some silk in the corner of a bag of grain.. The pheromone traps work well but only kill the moths. Naptha based mothballs are an excellent deterrent in crawlspaces and attics, but do have a strong odor. The only way to eliminate them completely is removing their food source, which is difficult. Almost everyone has a problem with these guys at one time or another.
  • I have 5 puppies, I certainly know what your are asking. Tapeworms are a common problem in dogs. The cause of ‘scooting’ behaviour of dogs. This unusual behaviour is where a dog rubs its bottom along the ground. The segments are easy to identify. They are the size of a rice grain and are quite active. They will wriggle visibly and can be seen with the naked eye on the dog’s droppings. Note: these rice grain tapeworms can grow very long. Linda
  • I wish I knew what it was. I just found one of these crawling up the wallpaper. The worm is white with a black head. The cocoon is bigger than a grain of rice. It has hairy fibers all around it that interestingly enough looks to be about the same color blue as my carpet. The cocoon looks to be a shell and when the worm crawls it looks like it is going to come totally out but then at the last min. his back end pulls the "shell" along with it. Also the shell or cocoon has a hole at both ends and a couple of times it disappeared into the shell only to have the head come out the opposite end and start going the opposite direction. Would love to know what this is.

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