• Energy lost by the spacecraft is proportional to T^4 Energy gained from the sun proportional to 1/R^2 These are equal when the temperature equalizes. Suppose your spacecraft was designed to radiate so as to keep you at 293 Kelvin = 20 C = 68 F in Earth orbit. Q. How much closer to the Sun do you need to notice a 1 degree kelvin temperature rise. T changes from 293 to 294 = + 0.34 % T^4 changes + 1.37 % 1/R^2 changes + 1.37 % R^2 changes - 1.37% R changes - 0.68% R is 93,000,000 miles or 150 000 000 km 0.68% of R ... A. You would have to move 630,000 miles or 1 million km closer to the Sun to notice a 1 K rise.
  • well, i think it'll just keep getting hotter and hotter, bit by bit, and you'll only notice it after you start getting sucked in by the suns gravitaional pull then start to burn up and die :) well, that's my theory :) let me know how it turns out!
  • i dont actually know the answer .. but isnt the nearest planet Mercury, and its too hot to there right, so a fair distance away i would imagine lol ..but its a good question :O)

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