• Viagra is prescribed for someone wishing to have an erection. Viagra works by relaxing the smooth muscle in the penis to encourage blood flow, and increasing the efficiency of an erection. It should be taken one hour before intercourse so the man is able to obtain an erection. The effects may last as long as eight hours, but Viagra requires stimuli to be effective. (No magic erection- if you aren't stimulated, you will not "get hard.") It also should NEVER be taken with any form of nitrates, such as nitrate paste, sublingual nitroglycerin, or long acting nitrates. Doing so may cause potentially dangerous hypotension (low blood pressure).
  • I am not a doctor, but I have used it. the simple truth is I find myself having the best endowment of my life and enjoying it repeatly for longer than I normally endure. Hope this answer satisfies.
  • The so called little blue pill is suppose to enhance sexual performance not act like a magic wand. many think that all they have to do is pop the pill but like with any prescribed medication the dosage is more important then you might think. many experience side effects from the drug and before you pop the pill or give someone else this pill you should be aware of these side effects. here is a site to give you some much needed information.
  • Raise to the occasion.... :)

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