• It happens regularly enough: "Although earthquakes are relatively common in the West Midlands, this was fairly big for Britain," Alice Walker, the BGS's head of seismology, told the Standard. "We would expect something of this size every eight to 10 years in the UK but because this occurred in such a heavily populated area, we were inundated with calls." From: historically speaking London has had earthquakes, namely 8 February and 8 March 1749 and another earthquake on 30 September 1750, which was noticed in vast parts of England. cheers
  • I found this ;)
  • Of course there've been earthquakes in London. Why do you think there hasn't been any?
  • "It comes as a surprise to most people to learn that London is susceptible to earthquakes. There have been many tremors of varying strength over the centuries and these are chronicled here. The effects of two in the 14th century posed a dilemma for the bishops of the time and for archaeologists and site contractors in the late 20th century!" For the rest of this article and the story above, see:

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