• I would be perfectly happy. Now all I have to do is find someone to marry!
  • I would not allow a female pastor to marry me. I have my reasons.
  • Nope, I had a female pastor marry me, she did a good job, and I don't see how having a female pastor marry you could make you feel uneasy, unless your beliefs are that women can't be pastors.
  • Well, I wouldn't want to marry a female, even if she was a pastor. I think that's illegal in most states anyway...
  • To be honest yes , that is probably because we do not have female Priests in my church. I have been to many weddings and funerals in other Churches with female pastors.
  • no, it would be an honor.
  • Marriage is a legal binding of two people. In most countries where Christianity is the main religion, the state either retains the right to marry (and so people go to the Town Hall to marry, then, if they want, have a church blessing afterwards) or else the state grants celebrants of major religions (including Christian ones) the right to carry out the legal service, incorporating it within the religious blessing service. Therefore, no one should have any problems with a female marrying them, as long as they are duly licenced. Some churches may, however, not have female pastors (out of strong beliefs) and people may not like them for that reason. That is their choice and should be respected. I don't think I would have a problem. I know some lady pastors, being a pastor's wife myself, and as long as their beliefs are Bible based, I would have no problems with them marrying me....but my husband might object (only because he is already married to me! LOLOL)
  • i didnt know there was such thing as a female pastor
  • that wouldnt bother me any
  • This is 2018 not 1618.
  • that wouldnt bother me any

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