• Typically now, all cell phones are "locked" to a certain provider. For instance, if I buy a phone from a T-mobile dealer and try to use that same sim card in a phone bought from a Sprint dealer, the phone won't read the sim card. This is used by cell phone service providers to make it harder for people to use phones that have been given to them or an older model phone. Instead of just using another cell phone you may have on hand, you have to buy a new one. That being said, if the motorola phone isn't locked, or if it was bought to be used with a boost mobile plan, you should be able to use the sim card in it. The text messaging thing can be for any number of reasons. You may have text restrictions on your plan, or your phone may be broken. That's something you would probably need to call customer service about.
  • can a boost mobile sim card be unsed in a motorola i870?

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